Major Events from 1998 to 2000

August 26, 1988   Fujian Industrial bank officially opened in Fuzhou, Fujian.

October-November, 1993    As the lead manager of first underwriting group in Fujian Province, the Bank successfully fulfilled the share issuing task for 5 shareholding companies.

August 30, 1994   
Fujian Industrial Securities Co,. Ltd. opened. It was a professional securities company that fully funded by the Bank and owned legal person qualification.

August, 1995   
The balance of RMB deposit broke RMB 10 billion, amounted to RMB 10.065 billion; the balance of foreign currency deposit broke USD 200 million, amounted to USD 202 million.

March 20, 1996   
Industrial Bank Shanghai Branch officially opened. It was the first direct branch that the Bank had set up outside Fujian province. Thereafter, branches in Shenzhen, Changsha , Beijing , Hangzhou , and Guangzhou opened one after the other. The nationwide service network gradually improved.

May, 1996   
The Bank was appointed as the settlement bank of Shanghai Stock Exchange for securities fund cleaning.

September, 1996   
Agreement on Syndicated Loan was signed in Hong Kong between the Bank and other 13 foreign financial institutions including Standard Chartered Bank. The Bank successfully procured USD 28 million syndicated loans through the move.

December, 1997   
The Bank activated Corporate Identity System (CIS) officially; the Bank's saving service realized nationwide deposit and withdrawal; and the Bank's Shuntong Card was officially launched.

The first round of capital increase and share expansion of the Bank finished successfully. The paicl-up capital achieved RMB 1.5 billion.

September, 1998   
The bank became the first one in Fujian province to obtain membership of VISA.

The Bank was appointed as the settlement bank of Shenzhen Stock Exchange for securities trading fund.

October, 1999   
With the approval of State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the Bank successfully arranged USD-nominated syndicate loan for the enterprises under China Merchant Group Hong Kong in Shanghai. This was the first time for the domestic bank to transfer financial capital across border.

October, 1999   
As the first batch of the banks to issue IC Card, the Bank successfully issued Industrial Bank Smart Card in Shanghai.

March, 2000   
New round of capital increase and share expansion of the Bank was approved by People's Bank of China.

May 8, 2000   
Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), the Bank was nominated as the fund inspection bank for new share subscription processed in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

September, 2000   
As the member of underwriting group, the Bank firstly participated in the public issuance in primary bond market of international capital market.

December, 2000   
The newly raised capital was fully funded and the registration capital of the Bank climbed to RMB 3 billion from the previous RMB 1.5 billion. The objective of capital increase and share expansion ended with consummation.

December, 2000   
The Bank's Internet banking system put into trial operation.