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Major Events in 2002

January 10   Industrial Bank Card with "UnionPay" logo was officially launched by Industrial Bank Shenzhen, Shanghai , Beijing , Hangzhou and Guangzhou branches.

January 30   
Work Conference 2002 of the Bank held in Fuzhou.

February 1   
Sub-channel of "CIB ONLINE", the financial channel jointly constructed by the Bank and Sohu.com was officially put into use.

March 9   
The Bank fulfilled the acquisition of Oubei Credit Union in Yongjia county, Wenzhou city.

April 23   
The seventh session of the fourth Board of Directors approved the proposal on Accelerating the IPO Program of Fujian Industrial Bank. The IPO program officially started.

The Bank signed strategic cooperation agreement with New China Life Insurance Company and Taikang Life Insurance Company.

June 12   
The Bank signed strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyin & Wanguo Securities.

June 20   
The Bank signed with BOC International Holding Limited the "Entrusted Agreement on One-Package Plan of Comprehensive Service with BOCI Asia Limited".

June 24   
Industrial Bank Wuhan Branch officially opened.

June 26   
The ninth session of the fourth Board of Directors reviewed and approved the following proposals: Proposal on Mr. Gao Jianping's Offer to Resign as the President of Fujian Industrial Bank and the Nomination of Mr. Li Renjie as the President of Fujian Industrial Bank; Proposal on Supplementing Mr. Li Renjie and Mr. Kang Yukun as the Directors of the fourth Board of the Directors.

June 26   
The Bank's General Shareholders' Meeting 2001 held in Fuzhou . The meeting approved the proposal on Revising the Article of Associations of Fujian Industrial Bank.

The Bank established all-round business cooperation relationship with Agricultural Bank of China.

At the end of the June, the balance of the Bank's deposit outstanding broke RMB 100 billion.

In seminar 2002 attended by presidents from each branch, Mr. Gao Jianping, the Chairman of the Bank, brought forward the development objective of "Building A Top-ranking Modern Commercial Bank".

According to the updated list of "Top 1000 World Banks" released by The Banker, an British based magazine, the Bank ranked 333rd in term of total assets, advanced 80 positions from last year's 413th; and ranked 410th in term of tier 1 capital, advanced 158 positions from the previous year's 568th.

The Bank signed all-round business cooperation agreement with Bank of China.

The Bank obtained sales agent qualification of fund granted by People's Bank of China and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

The Bank signed cooperation agreement on Bank-Tax Integration Payment with Fujian Local Tax Bureau.

Industrial Bank Shenyang Branch opened.

The preparation group of Industrial Bank Chenduo Branch set up.

The preparation group of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch set up.

The Bank carried out welcome service pattern roundly with hand-raising greeting in counters.

The Bank signed entrusted agreement with China Development Bank in Beijing.

The issuance volume of the Industrial Bank Card broke 2 million.

The communication meeting with "Diamond Clients 2002" held in Chongqing.

December 25   
People's Bank of China approved the Bank to change its name to "Industrial Bank Co., Ltd." (for short: Industrial Bank).