Major Events in 2003

February 18- February 19   Work conference of the Bank held in Fuzhou.

March 3   
The Bank officially changed its name to "Industrial Bank Co., Ltd." (for short: Industrial Bank).
March 6   
The twelfth session of the fourth board of directors held in Shanghai . Following reports and proposal were reviewed and approved: President Work Report of 2002; Report on Capital Introduction and IPO; Proposal on Directors Supplementations and Change in Shareholding Structure.

March 13   
The Bank's Internet banking business was approved by the People's Bank of China.

April 1   
Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch officially opened.

April 17   
The third session of the second Board of Directors of National Debt Association of China (NDAC) voted through the Bank's membership of standing director, and Ms. Bi Zhonghua, the vice president of the Bank was elected to be the standing director of NDAC.

April 23   
Industrial Bank Chengdu Branch officially opened.

April 24   
The Bank signed "Agreement on All-round Business Cooperation" with China Life Insurance Company.

June 28   
The Bank's General Shareholders' Meeting 2002 held in Fuzhou . Following reports and proposals were reviewed and approved: Work Report of Board of Directors 2002; Work Report of Supervisory Board 2002; Final Financial Report 2002 and Financial Budget Plan 2003 (Draft); Profit Distribution Plan for 2002; Proposal on Change of Directors.

According to updated list of "Top 1000 World Banks" released by The Banker, a British based magazine, the Bank ranked 273rd in term of total assets, advanced 60 positions from last year's 333rd; and ranked 400th in term of tier 1 capital, advanced 10 positions from the previous year's 410th.

July 29   
President from each branch of the Bank attended seminar 2003 in Fuzhou.

August 10   
The Updated Core Business System of the Bank was successfully put into operation.

November 3   
The Financial Markets of the Bank was officially put into operation in Shanghai.

IP Telephone System of the Bank fully put into use.

December 17   
The Bank signed a Share Subscription Agreement with Hang Seng Bank, GIC Special Investment Pte Ltd. and International Finance Corporation respectively in Fuzhou. Governor of Fujian Province Mr. Lu Zhangong, General Vice Governor Mr. Huang Xiaojing and Vice Governor Mr. Chen Yun presented the signing ceremony.

The Bank won "VISA Card Outstanding Growth Award" in 2003.

December 30   
With the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Bank successfully issued RMB 3 billion subordinated debt firstly among domestic commercial banks, and achieved the new way to fulfilled capital supplementation.