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Major Events in 2005

January 10   Approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), the Bank's Financial Markets officially opened in Shanghai , and operates as the first domestic and professional fund operation institution that held financial license individually.

Industrial Bank Card (IB Card) activated ATM cash-drawn service, ATM inquiry service and IB-card supported consumption service in Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

April 30   
Mr. Chen Dekang was nominated as the vice president of the Bank.

Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), the Bank was granted qualification of fund custody.

May 11   
The Bank cooperated with General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China for nationwide online tariff payment service – Industrial Bank e-customs service.

May 16   
The ISO9001 quality management system of the Bank's international settlement business and bill business passed the certification by Switzerland company SGS Group, marking that the quality management of the above mentioned business had achieved strict international standard.

May 20   
The Bank's General Shareholders' Meeting 2004 held in Fuzhou .

May 23   
Bank-Bank platform, the self-developed institutional agent platform by Industrial Bank, was put into trial operation. Up to the end of this year, the Bank has accumulated 31 signed clients covering city commercial banks, credit unions and Postal Savings & Remittance Bureaus.

July 13   
The Bank's "Incessant Data Processing Method and System for Uninterrupted Service" was given patent of invention by State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). Industrial Bank has become the first domestic commercial bank that received the patent for invention in the name of operation system and method.

The Bank became a financial member of Shanghai Gold Exchange and obtained dealing and agent qualifications of gold.

August 9   
"Five Star Navigation" online banking service system was launched, with which Industrial Bank became the first domestic commercial bank to carry out online service flow, online service standard and online service pattern.

September 7   
The first cartoon credit card in China, Industrial Bank Garfield Credit Card debuted.

September 19   
The first fund sold by and under the custody of Industrial Bank, mixed investment fund focuses on trend investment (LOF), was officially put on sale.

September 20   
"Natural Life" family wealth management card successfully launched. Industrial Bank became the first bank to promote the concept of "Family Wealth Management" in domestic banking industry.

September 21   
The Bank's first extraordinary general shareholders' meeting 2005 held in Fuzhou.

September 27   
Signing ceremony for strategic cooperation agreement between the Bank and Shanghai Jiao Tong University held in Shanghai. Industrial Bank was the first domestic bank to carry out all-round cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

"General Entrusted Agreement" signed between the Bank and The Export-Import Bank of China in Beijing.

October 25   
Approved by People's Bank of China, the Bank issued in public its first batch of RMB bonds among domestic inter-bank market. The bond was of 3-year term with amount totaled RMB 10 billion.

October 25   
"Agreement on Business Cooperation" signed between the Bank and China Development Bank.

October 26   
Industrial Bank Fuzhou Branch was honored the title of "National Advanced Unit of Cultural and Ideological Progress".

In the survey on "The Most Competitive Brand in China" held by China News Service , the Bank's Customer Service Center 95561 was honored the title of "Top 10 Satisfactory Brand of Service Quality Management".

"Agreement on Business Cooperation" signed between the Bank and Yong An Insurance Co., Ltd. It's the first time for the Bank to sign headquarters cooperative agreement with property insurance company.

November 4   "CIB ONLINE"
was awarded prizes of "Outstanding Banking Websites" and "Optimum Individualized Service" in the selection event of "Outstanding Financial and Security Websites in China" held by Security Times.

December 15   
"Framework Agreement on Business Cooperation" was signed in Beijing between the Bank and China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation. This move blazed a trial in all-round cooperation between domestic financial asset management corporation and shareholding commercial bank.

December 16   
The eighth session of the fifth Board of Directors' meeting approved the Bank's "Outline of 2006-2010 Development Plan".

December 19   
Industrial Bank Taiyuan Branch officially opened.

Approved by State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the Bank obtain the qualification of RMB market maker in the inter-bank foreign exchange market.

Organizations of media such as CCTV, New Marketing , Sina.com and so on jointly held the China Marketing Leaders Annual Conference and 2005 Award Ceremony for Chinese Marketing Benchmarking Enterprise. As the only financial institution that won the prize, the Industrial Bank was honored the "Best Brand Award" for its family financing series card -- "Wealth Management Card", marking the breakthrough development of its brand construction on retail service.

December   "CIB ONLINE"
was awarded again the "Top 100 Commercial Websites 2005" and "Top 5 Fastest Growing Websites 2005" in the 2nd China Commercial Internet Development Forum and Award Ceremony for "Top 100 Commercial Websites 2005" held by China Internet Weekly.