Major Events in 2006

January 15   Industrial Bank Kunming Branch officially opened.

The Bank was listed "China IPOWER500 2005" by National Informatization Evaluation Center (NIEC) and granted the special award "The Best Management Prize for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity".

In the evaluation event held by, the Bank's Internet banking business ranked No. 3 in term of comprehensive indexes among domestic commercial banks.

March 31   
The Bank successfully issued RMB 5 billion five-year financial bonds of fixed interest rate.

The bank's Customer Service Center 95561 was honored "Top 10 Service Brand in China 2006" in the selection event jointly held by Call Center Occupational Standards Committee of the Ministry of Information Industry (MIICCOS), China Call-Center & CRM Association (CNCCA) and CCMworld Group; was selected as the "Golden Service Unit with Outstanding Service, Sound Credit and Excellent Public Appraise" in the selection event held by China Top Brands.

The Bank was approved to operate RMB structural wealth management business by State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

The Bank's Business Credit Card officially launched.

May 8   
The Bank was among the first batch of banks to operate automatic pledge financial Business.

May 17   
The Bank signed with International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Shanghai the cooperative agreement of China Utility-Based Energy Efficiency Finance Program.

May 25   
The Bank hosted in Ningbo the Bank-Trust seminar stressing "Innovation, Cooperation, Win-Win" theme.

According to the "Top 100 Chinese Banks" list released by British magazine The Banker , the Bank ranked 1st in term of average profit ratio of capital and ranked 10th in term of tier 1 capital and total assets among domestic commercial banks.

June 5   
Cooperative agreement giving prominence to the theme of "Common Prosperity, Harmonious Finance" signed between the Bank and 7 financial institutions in Shanxi province. Such large-scale cross-industry cooperation is the first case in nationwide financial industry.

June 13   
The Bank's Retail Banking Headquarters set up in Shanghai .

June 15   
The Bank's Marketing and Service System for corporation business put into use.

June 16   
Industrial Bank Nanchang Branch officially opened.

June 22   
The Bank hosted the city commercial bank cooperation seminar in Shenyang and signed all-round cooperation agreement with 13 city commercial banks such as Shenyang Commercial Bank, Anshan Commercial Bank, and so on.

June 26   
Industrial Bank Hefei Branch officially opened.

June 27   
The Bank's General Shareholders' Meeting 2005 held in Fuzhou .

June 27   
Consultant service contract for corporation risk management signed between the Bank and China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation. This move initiated the all-round risk management consultant service for corporations by Chinese banking industry.

July   The latest global list, Top 1000 World Banks, released by The Banker , a British based magazine, saw Industrial Bank's ranking boost again. In terms of total assets, Industrial Bank ranked 164th with 46 positions advanced compared with previous year, and listed among top 200 world banks for the first time. In terms of tier 1 capital, Industrial Bank ranked 297th with 28 positions advanced compared with previous year.

July   According to the latest "Top 300 Asian Banks 2006" released by Asia Week in Hong Kong, Industrial Bank was listed 42nd in terms of total assets, experiencing a 19-position jump from last year's 61st ranking. The list saw Industrial Bank's fastest ranking boost among domestic banks. Moreover, with its 39.6% growth rate, Industrial Bank ranked 7th among top 300 Asian banks in terms of growth rate of total assets.

August 12   In Wu Yi Mountain, Finance Innovation Forum was jointly held by Industrial Bank and Finance Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

August   Industrial Bank was approved to handle Individual Gold Investment Business and be the fund clearing bank by Shanghai Gold Exchange.

August   Joined with domestic credit card gateway websites , Industrial Bank launched "Online Application Service for Garfield Credit Card" to initiate an innovative platform for credit card application and approval. The move had been commended as the "New Marketing Landmark for Credit Card in China " by domestic financial media.

September 4   Industrial Bank was awarded “Successful Enterprise for E-business Application 2006” and “Outstanding E-business Enterprises in China ” in the Ninth China International E-business Convention.

September 4   Cooperation Exchange was held between Industrial Bank and provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Unions in Xiamen , over 30 provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Unions were invited.

September 15   "Agreement on All-round Bank-securities Cooperation " signed between Industrial Bank and Guangfa Securities Co., Ltd..

September 15   As the custody bank of "Global Eyeshot Stock Fund", Industrial Bank brought the month long fund sales to a consummate end and hit a new record high in stock fund sales among domestic shareholding commercial banks. The successful sales also witnessed Industrial Bank's breakthroughs in five performance sectors: the highest sales amount with single fund, the highest quality of customer resource, the highest proportion of channel distribution, the highest ratio of plan accomplishment, and the highest sales amount via internet banking.

September 22   Industrial Bank held  "Worry-free Internet Banking Fuzhou Forum" together with China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA).

September   Industrial Bank was approved to carry out  "Overseas Wealth Management Business on Behalf of clients", and was listed the 8 th Chinese bank who obtained the qualification; In October , total USD 500 million foreign exchange quota was granted by State Administration of Foreign Exchange for investment under the item of overseas wealth management business on behalf of clients; On December 22 , first batch of overseas wealth management product on behalf of clients, "No. 1 Global Wealth Management", was officially launched.

September 27   Total RMB 4 billion hybird capital bond of 15-year term was successfully issued by Industrial Bank. With this act, Industrial Bank jumped to be the first domestic commercial bank that issued hybird capital bond with the approval of People's Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission.

October 16    "A greement on Technology Management Service"  was signed between Industrial Bank and Shandong Dongying Commercial Bank. According to the agreement, Industrial Bank would tailor a core business system for Dongying Commercial Bank based on the archetype of Industrial Bank's own core business system, and would take after the long-distance disaster recovery and daily maintenance of the system. The move blazed a new trial for core business technology export to financial institutions.

October 16   Industrial Bank Urumchi Branch officially opened.

October   Industrial Bank was approved to handle Social Security Funds Custody Business by China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC).

November 10   First batch of agreement on  "Third Party Depository of Clients' Trading Fund"  was signed between Industrial Bank and Guotai Junan Securities.

November 15   Press Conference for "Mobile Banking"  was held in Shanghai . The launch of mobile banking service was a remarkable move for Industrial Bank to be listed as competent all-round mobile banking provider among few domestic commercial banks. The newly launched  "Wireless Channel"  ( ) is a multifunctional service platform that covers SMS, WAP/KJAVA mobile banking, mobile wallet, and B 2C mobile settlement.

November 18   International Summit Forum for China Influence and Awarding Ceremony for Enterprise·Brand·People 2006 were jointly hosted by All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, Phoenix Satellite TV (Chinese Channel), Fortune Times , VIP Weekly , and China Association of International Educators in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Industrial Bank was crowned “The Most Influential Enterprise in China 2006” .

November 18   First E-business and Fund Marketing Forum 2006 and Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Fund Website in China were jointly hosted by and NEWMEDIA Magazine. Industrial Bank was granted the sole  "Contribution Award for Online Fund Distribution"  for banking industry.

November 21   Press Conference for “EASYTRADE” was held in Shanghai by Industrial Bank. The most advanced international business service platform in the country, “ EASYTRADE”, was officially launched.

November 24   Industrial Bank hosted jointly with Shine Software Limited the  "Seminar on Innovation of Securities Fund Depository and Settlement".

November    "CIB ONLINE" ( ) of Industrial Bank was awarded  "Most Express Banking Website"  in the 7 th selection event for  "Outstanding Business Website in China ".

November 30   Industrial Bank held press conference jointly with Tencent to launch its QQ Show Credit Card, the first domestic credit card that integrated the actual and the virtual in one. The credit card would offer QQ Show group featured Internet services as virtual card payment, repayment through , online application, notice for electronic account statement, and instant message reminding.

November   Among 14 Chinese yield curve quoting banks, Industrial Bank was evaluated as the bank with smallest price deviation and highest quoting quality by Bloomberg.

November   “Golden Sesame”, the financial service solution for small and medium-sized enterprises by Industrial Bank, was awarded “Best Financing Solution for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” by China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, China Banking Association, and Financial News together.

December 8   The circulation of Industrial Bank credit card breached 1 million.

December 15   Launch ceremony for Wuhan Zhuangsheng SOGO Department Store Credit Card was held jointly by Industrial Bank and Wuhan Zhuangsheng SOGO Department Store. The first co-brand credit card with department store, Wuhan SOGO Department Store Card, was debuted.

December 17   The credit balance hit RMB 30.158 billion compared with the beginning of the year, bringing the original RMB 30-billion goal ahead of schedule.

December 25    "Wise Fortune"  of Industrial Bank was crowned  " Corporate-brand Planning Award"  by China Association of Planning Tactics, China Association of Brand Industry, Fortune Times , and Wealth Magazine together.

December 28  The system for Third Party Depository of Clients' Trading Fund was put into trial operation. Guangfa Securities Co., Ltd. and Guotai Junan Securities were the first batch of securities companies participating in the online operation.