Major Events in 2008

January     The Industrial Bank was granted the “Best Corporate Public Image of 2007” in the “2007 Best Corporate Public Image Awards” organized by the Enterprise Research Institute of the Development Centre of the State Council, the China Credit Research Center of Beijing University, Sohu Business and Guanghua Media.

January  Industrial Bank Harbin Branch officially opened.

February 25    The Industrial Bank signed the phase II cooperation agreement for energy-conservation and emission-reduction project finance with the IFC in Beijing. The agreement marks the beginning of deeper cooperation between the two sides in support of China's energy-saving and emission-reduction targets. According to the agreement, the IFC will provide risk-sharing loan of USD 100 million to the Industrial Bank, which will be used to support the bank in the issuing RMB 1.5 billion Yuan (around USD 210 million) of loans to energy-saving and emission-reducing projects. It is estimated that these loans will help to cut annual CO2 emissions by over 5 million tons, which is the equivalent to closing ten 100 MW thermal power stations.

March 18    The Outline of Comprehensive Businesses Plan of the Industrial Bank was adopted during the 7th meeting of the 6th Board of Directors of the Industrial Bank. The outline gave further clarification to the Bank's general aims in terms of comprehensive operation and outlined the fundamental principles and major measures to be adopted in that regard. The passing of this outline is a signal that the Industrial Bank will seek comprehensive development in a progressive manner.

May     In the wake of the devastating earthquake that devastated Sichuan Province, the people at the Industrial Bank did their bit to support those in desperate need of aid by making total donations of over RMB 20 million Yuan and organizing for blankets, clothing, food and medicines to be sent to areas affected as soon as possible. More than a quarter of Bank employees also gave blood to support the relief effort. After the earthquake, the Industrial Bank was the first bank of its kind to provide special loans for post-disaster reconstruction. These loans were used to support infrastructure reconstruction projects in the disaster area, such as the rebuilding of city roads, sewers and bridges, and the demolition and rebuilding of condemned civilian buildings. The Industrial Bank took solid action in a bid to ensure the success of the disaster relief and reconstruction effort.

May 19    The Industrial Bank released “China Heart”, the first credit card in China to be themed on patriotism. The launch of the card coincided with the launch of the Bank's “China Heart” charity scheme.

June 15    The Industrial Bank topped the list of “Listed Companies with the Best Growth Potential 2007” in the 3rd Chinese Securities Journal Cup”Ten Most Competitive and Trusted Listed Companies” event.

June 26    The Industrial Bank had the honor of being named among China's 100 Most-valuable Listed Companies in an appraisal entitled “2007 China 100 Most Valuable Listed Companies” that was organized by Securities Times and Southern Fund.

July     In the 2008 rankings of the world's top 1000 banks complied by the respected British publication The Banker, the Industrial Bank ranked in 147th place in terms of tier 1 capital (113 places higher than the previous year, 9th in China (10th the year before)) and in 124th place in terms of total assets (21 places higher then the previous year).

July 26    The Industrial Bank was awarded the “Prize for Innovation in Green Banking” in t he Top Banks in China 2007 appraisal that was organized by Economic Observer Newspaper.

August 26    The Industrial Bank celebrated its 20th anniversary. In a period of 20 years, the Industrial Bank has gone from being a regionally-based commercial bank limited in scale to being one of the world's top 200 banks and a top 10 banks in China. It has made the transition from local bank to regional bank, regional bank to nationwide bank and nationwide bank to listed bank in leapfrog fashion.

September 23    The Industrial Bank won the “Prize for the Most Service Conscious Bank” in the Golden Unicorn Awards organized by

September 25    The 2008 Summit of the Heads of National Joint Stock Commercial Banks organized by the Industrial Bank and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government was held in the City of Nanning. Discussions at the summit were held around the theme “The Social Responsibility of Chinese Joint Stock Commercial Banks”, and the event culminated in the joint signing of the Declaration of the Social Responsibilities of Joint Stock Commercial Banks.

October 31    The Industrial Bank held a press conference in Beijing during which it publicly pledged to adopt the Equator Principles. The Industrial Bank is the first bank in China to make such a pledge. With this move, the Industrial Bank has gone a step further than other banks in China in terms of the introduction of advanced international modes, the enhancement of environmental and social risk management and the promotion of rational and sustainable development. The Bank's guarantee to adopt the principles was reported on CCTV national news and in the mainstream media.

November 20    In an appraisal of the investor relations of IPO companies in 2007, the Industrial Bank claimed three major awards, namely: 2nd Place in the Top 100 for Investor Relations, the Prize for Best Communications and the Prize for Best Social Responsibility Contribution.

November 27    The Industrial Bank's brand “Wise Fortune” won the Best Corporate Finance Service Brand 2008 Award in the Financial Value Rankings 2008 that was organized by First Financial Daily . The diverse product combinations, financial service plans that cater to client needs and superior service quality that the “Wise Fortune” brand offers were instrumental in the winning of this award.

On November 28    The new-generation core system of the Xinxiang City Commercial Bank in Henan Province officially went online. The system was developed by the Industrial Bank for the Xinxiang City Commercial Bank. This marked the first time that the Industrial Bank has provided information system development services for a small or medium domestic enterprise on the basis of integration as opposed to outsourcing. Previously, the Bank developed and sold a customized core business system to the Dongying City Commercial Bank in Shandong Province in 2007. This move signifies that the Industrial Bank's innovative technological output service model, the first of its kind in the domestic banking industry, is becoming increasingly mature.

November 30    In the “2008 Competitiveness Rankings of Asian Banks” organized by 21st Century Economy News , the Industrial Bank claimed the “Award for the Best Bank in Mainland China for ROE”. This was the second year in a row that the Industrial Bank ranked in front of other Chinese banks in terms of investment yields.

December 6    The Industrial Bank once again won the Best Corporate Citizen Award at the 2008 Forum of Chinese Corporate Citizens and Presentation Ceremony for the 5th Best Corporate Citizen Awards, 2008 that was held by 21st Century Business Herald.

December 18    The Industrial Bank's “CIB Online Five-Star Navigation” service approach to corporate internet banking stood out from the crowd to claim the Award for Excellent Services in Corporate Internet Banking at the Grand Presentation Ceremony for the 2008 Sohu Finance Online Extravaganza. The system separated itself from the competition on the strength of its progressive and comprehensive services.

December 28    The Industrial Bank was named Joint-Stock Bank of the Year in an appraisal of the 50 Most Influential Events of reform and opening-up in China and 2008 Rankings of the Top Financial Institutions in China. The event was jointly held by the Financial Times and Financial Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

December 31    The total assets of the Industrial Bank rose to RMB 1.0233 Trillion Yuan, representing a 20% increase over the previous year. This was the first time that the assets of the Industrial Bank exceeded the Trillion Yuan mark.