Major Events in 2010

January, Industrial Bank Hohhot Branch officially opened.

January 2010  IB and the Beijing Environment Exchange jointly released the first credit card with a low-carbon theme – China Low-Carbon Credit Card, which signifies the sustainable finance strategy of the bank has extended from corporate finance to retail finance.

January 2010  The first industrial e-commerce exchange platform in Fujian Province – Industrial Bank's Energy Exchange Center successfully launched with a bang, with over 100 dealers signing-up on the very first day.

February 2010  According to the “Top 500 Finance Brands” released by the British Magazine, The Banker, the brand value of IB reached USD 1.221 billion, up 160% with an increase of USD 750 million compared with the previous year. Its global rank 55 places to No.117 from No.172 in the world, and ranked No.9 among Chinese banks. Its brand value growth and rank improvement were both No.1 among Chinese banks.

February 2010  IB won the “China Baosteel Environmental Excellence Award” in the appraisal of the sixth “China Baosteel Environment Award”, becoming the only financial institution to receive this award.

March  Industrial Bank Changchun Branch officially opened.

March 4, 2010 IB  Published the 2009 annual social responsibility report – Sustainable Development Report of IB (2009). In addition to being the first sustainable development report in the Chinese banking industry, this is also the first social responsibility report in the industry focusing on sustainable development.

March 27, 2010  IB took part in the “Earth Hour” initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

March 8, 2010  IB took the lead in launching customer end services for an agent access payment system in rural banks across China . This move will support the numerous rural banks in overcoming payment and settlement limitations and help them to improve their financial services.

March 30, 2010  Industrial Bank officially released the “IB Pass” in China, which is an integrated financial service program customized for the group of “growing business owners” including self-employed persons, individual industrial factories or commercial business owners, partners and owners of private enterprises.

April 19, 2010  IB donated RMB 15 million to the Yushu disaster-stricken area via the Chinese Red Cross to lend its full support to the relief of the disaster-stricken people in Yushu. The Bank also took urgent action to organize financial services to support the disaster relief, offering priority channels for pledging donations at the earliest possible time.

April 21, 2010  The latest Forbes Global 2000 rankings were released by the US magazine, Forbes. IB climbed 144 places to secure a rank of No. 245. Moreover, the bank ranked 15th among the 113 companies from the Chinese Mainland in the list.

April 2010  The business office of IB's Zhangzhou Branch was honored with the state-level title of “Model Youth Unit”.

May 2010  IB Successfully issued its placement shares. By the last date of subscription payment, shares effectively subscribed to accounted for 99.25% of the placement shares, amounting to 992 million shares. This is the highest subscription ratio in the A-share market since 2008, and the total funds raised reached RMB 17.864 billion.

May 2010  According to the newest 2010 rankings of the world's Top 500 companies as compiled by the authoritative publication, the Financial Times.  In May 2010, I ndustrial Bank ranked No. 282, making it into the top 300 with a total market value of USD 27.044 billion, representing an increase of USD 10 billion over the previous year. This year's rank represents a climb of 10 places compared to the year before. Among the 23 Chinese Mainland enterprises entering the rankings, IB came 15th.

May 13, 2010  Industrial Bank officially publicized the Suggestions on Further Integrating into and Serving of the Western Straits Construction, announcing the implementation of a “multi-billion, six major engineering projects” program in the Western Straits. IB plans over the next few years to invest no less than RMB 100 billion in credit funds into the Western Straits construction, and act as the main economic construction force in the region. IB will comprehensively integrate itself with and work hard for the leaping development of the Western Straits region.

May 13, 2010  Industrial Bank and Evergrowing Bank held a signing ceremony in Yantai for the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement and business cooperation agreements in regard to the Guimiantong Services and financing portal. The Evergrowing Bank is the 40 th domestic bank to sign a Guimiantong Service agreement over the bank-to-bank platform with Industrial Bank, and is the first national joint-stock commercial bank to do so.

May 18, 2010  IB launched the two-way NTD and RMB exchange business at three pilot branches in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Zhangzhou.

May 29, 2010  The results of the “Most Influential Series Appraisals of China's Securities Market Over 20 Years” were announced in Beijing . Industrial Bank had the honor of being named as the “Favorite Publicly Listed Company among Investors in China's Securities Market over the Last 20 Years”, by right of its stable and strong business performance and excellent work in investor relations.

June 18, 2010  Industrial Bank launched the “Open Sesame” SME IPO Program, which is characterized by two categories, three phases and nine schemes. Specifically, the program is based around the public listing of small and medium-sized enterprises and aims to provide customized financial service schemes at different stages of their growth.

June 20, 2010  Industrial Bank was awarded the No.1 prize in the category of “best listed companies for their contribution to social responsibility” in the 5 th Chinese Securities Journal Cup - “Top 10 Listed Companies for Competitiveness and Public Credibility”.

June 2010  IB's balance of all foreign currency deposits broke through the RMB 1,000 billion mark.

June 2010  Employees of Industrial Bank made a donation of RMB 1 million to the flood-stricken areas in Fujian. The donation will aid the disaster relief effort and help to resume production and rebuild homes in the flood-stricken areas.

July 2010  Internationally renowned British publication, The Banker, published its rankings of the world's Top 1000 Banks in 2010. IB continued to climb up the table, this time ranking 97th (20 positions higher than the year before) in terms of Tier 1 capital and 93rd (15 positions higher than the year before) in terms of total assets. This was the first time that the bank had been ranked among the Top 100 global banks.

July 2010  Hu Run Research Institute published the Hu Run Brand List. The brand value of Industrial Bank was RMB 15 billion, representing an increase of RMB 6.4 billion over last year. Industrial Bank ranked No.24 among China's 100 Most Valuable brand enterprises.

July 2010  According to the “2010 China's Best Brand Value List”, that was jointly released by one of the world's mainstream magazine, Forbes, and the biggest brand consultancy firm in the world, Inter brand, Industrial Bank ranks No.25.

July 2010  Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited announced the “Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series”. Industrial Bank was successfully listed in the “Hang Seng (China A) Corporate Sustainability Index” and “Hang Seng (Mainland and HK) Corporate Sustainability Index”, owing to its unremitting efforts and outstanding performance in sustainable development. Moreover, the bank ranks 2nd in the composite stock of “Hang Seng (China A) Corporate Sustainability Index” with a weighting of 10.32%.

July 13, 2010  The attached Chongqing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Selectable Credit Promotion Note of the “China Bond Agreement No.1” developed by Industrial Bank in alliance with China Bond Insurance Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding (Group) Company, etc., was issued successfully. This was the first credit risk mitigation financial product paid for by investors, and issued in the inter-bank market in China.

August 26, 2010  Industrial Bank Financial Leasing Co., LTD a subsidiary established under the sole investment of Industrial Bank, received the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission regarding its opening. With a registered capital of RMB 2 billion, and registered at Tianjin. The approval of the Industrial Bank Financial Leasing Co., LTD marked the crucial steps taken by IB in its overall business strategy.

September 10, 2010  The 1st Summit on Global Low-carbon Finance was held in Tianjin. The event was sponsored by Industrial Bank and organized by the People's Bank of China and Tianjin Municipal People's Government. With the theme of “Low-carbon finance and economic sustainable development: opportunities and challenges” the delegates at the forum came together to discuss issues and thoughts in regard to low-carbon finance, low-carbon economy and sustainable economic development.

October 21, 2010  Industrial Bank was recently honored with the award “2009 Best Bank for Technical Application in China” and the “2009 Best Green Bank in China” in the appraisal of “Best Banks in China” organized by the Economic Observer newspaper.

October 30, 2010  Industrial Bank was honored with the “Best Corporate Governance for a Financial Institution” award, in the selection and appraisal by the “Corporate Governance Index Release and Forum” organized by the Center for the Study of Corporate Governance of Nankai University.

November 6, 2010  The integrated financial services for individuals, the “IB Pass”, won the title of the national “Top 10 Special Financial Products Serving Small Businesses and Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers” at the “14th National Forum on Regional Finance”.

November 26, 2010  Organized in cooperation with 21st Century Business Herald, 21st Century Institute Financial Research Center in association with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the “2010 Asian Banks Competitiveness Ranking Research Report” was published in Beijing on November 26, 2010. Industrial Bank was awarded the prize of “ 2010' s Most Profitable Bank in Asia ”, and ranked among the top ten Asian commercial banks in terms of overall competitiveness as their weighted average return on net assets for the bank exceeded 24% over the last four years.

November 28, 2010  Industrial Bank launched its public education service campaign in comprehensive way to strengthen the promotion of financial knowledge for the public and improve their awareness of financial security.

November 20, 2010  The Awards Ceremony of the 5th Appraisal of China's Investor Relations sponsored by the China Listed Company Investor Relations Management Research Center was held in Nanjing. Industrial Bank was the “Runner-up in the Top 100 Chinese A Share Listed Companies for Investor Relations” for a second time.

November 30, 2010  Industrial Bank Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Unicom. Both companies will grasp the significant market opportunities brought about by the arrival of the 3G mobile internet era; further enhance their overall cooperation in basic communication, finance service, mobile internet applications, joint innovation and marketing, jointly promote innovation in mobile finance products, and jointly branch into the strategic fields of mobile payment, mobile banking, mobile business and value-added business so as to steadily improve the standard of mobile finance services.

December 2, 2010  Industrial Bank was conferred with the title of “2010's Low-carbon Pioneer Enterprise” in the appraisal held jointly by the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and 21st Century Business Herald, and the Bank was also covered in the “Report on Low-carbon Development of Chinese Enterprises”.

December 3, 2010  IB won the Best Corporate Citizen Prize in the Seventh Appraisal of China's Best Corporate Citizen sponsored by 21st Century Business Herald. It is the fourth time that IB has been horned with the Award.

December 20, 2010  The appraisal result of the “Golden Dragon Prize”– the 2009-2010 gold medal list of Chinese financial institutions organized jointly by the Financial Times and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was revealed in Beijing. Industrial Bank won the “Best Capital Operation” award.

According to the performance bulletin of IB in 2010, the bank's income from operations reached RMB 43.480 billion - a YoY increase of 37.25%; witnessing business profits of RMB 23.939 billion - a YoY increase of 39.04%; net profits of RMB 18.528 billion - a YoY increase of 39.5%; primary earnings per share went up to RMB 3.28 - a YoY increase of 31.20%, and the weighted average yield on net assets experienced a YoY increase of 24.66%.