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Major Events in 2015

According to the performance bulletin of our bank in 2015, as of December 31, the total asset of our bank has reached RMB 5.2973 trillion, up by 20.22% compared with the end of last year; the annual total business income is RMB 154.499 billion with a YOY growth of 23.70%; the net profit attributing to shareholders of the parent company is RMB 50.257 billion with a YOY growth of 6.62%; the ROEWA is 18.90% with the earnings per share basically reaching RMB 2.64.

On December 29, our bank held the “Press Conference cum Agreement Signing Ceremony for the Strategic Cooperation Between Vigor Life Credit Card Brand and National Sports Brands” together with seven major national sports brands including ANTA, Xtep, 361°, PEAK, ERKE, hosa and SHUA.

In December, our bank launched the “full authorization business” of personal banking, which means the investment manager of personal banking is fully authorized to provide customized asset allocation service after being fully aware of the investor’s investment preference and risk attributes.

On December 22, in the Public Benefit Festival of Chinese Social Responsibility 2015 organized by the Xinhua.com, our bank won the “2015 China Green Social Responsibility Award”.

On December 22, our bank joined hands with Global InfoTech, Jinzheng Technology and Newland Cloud Business to establish the Industrial Bank Digital Finance Information Service Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, which represents another milestone of IB in group development.

On December 20, the “Industrial Bank Cup First International Marathon of Fuzhou 2015” sponsored by IB was held in Fuzhou.

On December 18, in the “2015 China Financial Institutions Gold Medal Standings • Golden Dragon Award” organized by Financial Times, our Bank won the “Annual Best Inclusive Finance Bank" award”.

On December 17, in the “2015 Piloting China's Financial Industry Annual Appraisal” organized by jrj.com, the Bank was awarded the Outstanding Chinese-funded Bank, Outstanding Retail Bank, Outstanding Direct Bank and Outstanding Credit Card Brand.

On December 17, in the “Ninth Annual Conference of Institutional Investors and Golden Cicada Award Appraisal” organized by China Times, the Bank won the “2015 Annual Financial Holding Group” award.

On December 16, our Bank’s “IB Dynamic” Credit Card won the “Best Financial Innovation” award in the “2015 Golden Tripod Award Appraisal” organized by National Business Daily.

On December 15, our Bank’s president, Li Renjie won the “2015 China’s Top Ten Financial Figures” of magazine The Banker.

On December 12, the mobile payment product of our bank - “Cloud Quick Pass” was officially launched. This product enables off-line non-touching payment and remote on-line payment with mobile devices.

On December 11, in the “2015 First Financial Value List (CFV)” Appraisal organized by China Business News, the Bank won the “Annual Best Custodian Bank” award.

On December 10, the “2015 Appraisal of Excellent Board of Directors in Chinese Listed Companies” organized by the 21st Century news groups announced the result in Shenzhen, the Bank won the “2015 Excellent Board of Directors in Chinese Listed Companies (Main Board)” award.

On December 9, our bank united with FOTIC to launch China’s first financial pension trust product - Anyu Trust.

On December 7, the first school campus experience store of IB “Money Manager” was opened in Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics.

On December 4, in the appraisal of “2014-2015 China Outstanding Finance Prize” sponsored by The Economic Observer, the Bank was awarded “Annual Bank with Outstanding Cash Management”.

On December 2, at the “2015 Annual (Seventh) Excellent Competitiveness Appraisal of Financial Institutions” organized by China Business Journal, the Bank won the “2015 Excellent Competitiveness of Supply Chain Financial Services Bank” award.

On December 1, the first transaction was made for “IB’s Fourth Credit and Loan Asset-Backed Security of 2015” which was issued by IB in the interbank market nationwide, representing the first success of asset-backed security product in the interbank bond market.

In November, our bank signed the Energy Efficiency Statement for Financial Institutions, making us the first financial institution in China that signed this statement.

On November 27, the 2015 Asian Bank Competitiveness Ranking Report was released; among more than 130 banks in 10 countries and regions in Asia, our bank ranked sixth in terms of competitiveness, topping domestic joint-stock banks, and won the “Asia’s Bank Offering Best Returns to Shareholders” award consecutively.

On October 29, our bank held the press conference titled “Accelerating Comprehensive Operation and Motivating Transformation and Innovation”, where IB exchanged its opinions with 39 mainstream media from home and abroad in terms of accelerating the transformation and facilitating the integration and conglomeration.

On October 27, our bank announced the performance of 2015 Q3. By the end of the third quarter, the total asset of the company had reached RMB 5.289398 trillion, up by 20.04% compared with the beginning of the year; the net profit attributing to the parent company was RMB 41.221 billion with a YOY growth of 7.62%; the total ROA and net ROA were respectively 0.86% and 15.75%, remaining excellent among all listed banks in China.

On October 27, the Inspection Team of Fujian Provincial Committee held the motivation meeting in our bank, representing the official start of their inspection on our bank.

On October 23, the IB’s “Money Manager” joined hands with Ping An Insurance to launch the “Profitable Life” endowment insurance product.

On September 23, the fourteenth session of the eighth meeting of the board of directors of IB passed the revolution of “Proposal for Investing to Set up Industrial Bank Digital Finance Information Service Co., Ltd.” on which IB planned to join hands with Global InfoTech, Jinzheng Technology and Newland Cloud Business to set up the Industrial Bank Digital Finance Information Service Co., Ltd.

On September 10, our bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai East Best & Lansheng International (Group) Co., Ltd., the organizer of Shanghai International Marathon. IB officially became the “titled sponsor” of Shanghai International Marathon, the “official partner” of the half marathon and the only designated cooperative bank and also announced the official launch of the new credit card brand “Vigor Life”.

On September 1, our bank was ranked the 9th in the “China’s Top 500 Financial Institutions 2014” released by Netease Finance.

In September, our bank launched the upgraded version of “Startup Loan” which fully considers the reality of micro and small startups and makes it more flexible in terms of loan period, fund purpose and repayment mode.

On August 30, the “Money Manager” of Industrial Bank won the prize of “China’s Most Popular Internet Financial Platform 2015” in the “Appraisal of Innovation in Internet Finance 2015” held by the Securities Times.

On August 27, our bank held the “Financial Service Promotion Fair for Intelligent Manufacturing Sectors of Fujian” in Quanzhou, where IB planned to invest RMB 100 billion to support the transformation and upgrade of intelligent manufacturing sector of Fujian province during the thirteenth “Five Year Plan”.

On August 19, our bank signed strategic cooperation agreements with Neusoft, China’s largest IT solution and service provider and the first listed software company, and Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise of major technological equipment industry in China.

On August 18, our bank, together with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), released the comprehensive development report of China’s private banking - “China Private Banking 2015: Go Faster than Competitors” in Beijing.

On August 7, Industrial Bank won the “Best Asset Custody Bank 2015” in the 2015 China Asset Management Conference and the 8th 21st Century “Gold Shell” Series Appraisal for Assets Management sponsored by the 21st Century Business Herald.

On August 6, the Qianhai Branch of our bank was officially opened for business.

On August 1, the limited edition of the Autograph Album for the 70th Anniversary of Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and Global War against Fascism, which is designed by Shen Yunzhi, the designer of the fifth edition of Renminbi, launched by China Gold Coin Incorporation and produced by Shanghai MINT Co., Ltd., was solely sold by our bank across the nation.

On July 28, our bank officially opened the application access for interactive mobile Internet credit cards, which is the first in the industry to enable the application for a credit card by scanning the QR code on mobile phones.

On July 24, our bank successfully launched and issued the first ultra short-term and monthly paid CLO product (IB’s third credit and loan asset-backed security product) in the interbank market. With the total scale of RMB 8.2912 billion, it has been the first successful case of QFII investment into CLO product in the past 10 years since the start of securitization trial in China.

On July 23, our bank held the event of “Serving the Belt and Road - Special Roadshow for NEEQ Enterprises in Xinjiang”, where IB sought for a way to construct a platform to serve NEEQ enterprises and provide clients with an one-stop service of “listing, market making, financing and wealth management” by facilitating the cooperation among enterprises, security companies and equity investment institutions and utilizing the NEEQ market.

On July 22, the US magazine, Fortune, released the 2015 list of “Fortune Global 500” companies. Industrial Bank ranked No. 271 in the list, moving up 67 positions over the last year. Meanwhile, the bank made its presence in the list of “Companies Moving up Most Quickly”.

On July 22, our bank signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Futures Exchange to officially designate IB as its custody and management bank. So IB has become the futures security custody and management bank of four major futures exchanges in China.

In July, IB’s “Money Manager” launched “Gold Manager”, a new wealth management product for gold investment.

On July 9, in the “China Banking Development Forum 2015 and the Award Ceremony for the 3rd Comprehensive Appraisal of Banks” held by Sina Finance, the direct bank of Industrial Bank won the “Annual Best Direct Bank” Prize.

On July 8, the Fortune Magazine (Chinese version) issued the “Fortune China 500” list, where IB was ranked 40th, up by 2 positions compared with last year, and was included in the lists of “Fortune China 500 Companies with Highest Profit” and “40 Most Profitable Companies of Fortune China 500”.

In June, the “Fast Track of Payment” of IB - intelligent Internet interbank payment platform was officially launched to provide clients with professional payment and settlement services covering gateway payment, quick payment, “pay for another” and etc.

On June 30, The Banker issued the “Top 1000 World Banks” list and IB was ranked 36th by tier 1 capital, up by 13 positions than last year, holding a firm position in top 50 banks worldwide; and was ranked 3rd among all 50 best banks in the world in terms of the “cost-income ratio”.

On June 30, the second round of domestic preferred stock amounting to RMB 13 billion was successfully issued. So, all domestic preferred stock of our bank amounting to RMB 26 billion approved in November 2014 had been issued.

In June, the data center of our bank obtained the ISO27001 international standard accreditation of information security management system with “zero nonconformance”, symbolizing the globally advanced process, standardization and system management of IB’s operation and maintenance as well as information security.

On June 28, Industrial Bank Economy Research Consulting Co., Ltd., which was invested by member units of Industrial Bank and qualified as an independent legal entity, was set up in Shanghai. It was the first professional banking research entity and marked another expansion of IB’s comprehensive operation.

On June 26, the first “NEEQ Loan” of our bank was completed in Nanjing.

On June 26, on the “Release of 2014 CSR Report for Chinese Banking Industry and the Commendation Conference of Corporate Social Responsibility” sponsored by the China Banking Association, our bank won “Annual Best Corporate Social Responsibility Institution Award”, “Annual Best Green Finance Award”, and "Annual Best Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Award".

On June 16, World Brand Lab, one of the world’s most famous brand evaluation institutions, issued the “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands 2015”, where our bank, with the brand value of RMB 20.289 billion, was included for the six consecutive years at the position of 127, up by RMB 3.153 billion than last year.

On June 15, our bank issued the first batch of large-sum certificates of deposit.

On June 12, our bank signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Ant Financial Group in Hangzhou to have full cooperation in channel supplementation, business supplementation, product co-construction, client sharing, technical and data services and etc.

In May, the 7*24 OTO Service Reservation Desk of our bank was put into operation. Clients may make a reservation by filling a form online through PC or mobile devices to increase the service efficiency.

On May 30, the result of the appraisal of 2015 China Financial Innovation Prize, co-sponsored by The Banker and Financial Products Center of Institute of Finance and Banking, CASS, was released in Beijing, our bank won the Best Financial Brand Innovation Prize, and the Money Manager won the Best 10 Internet Financial Innovation Prizes.

On May 27, the first precious metals exchange center of our bank was opened in Fuzhou, where a designated person would provide clients with one-stop services in a specialized way, covering precious metals trading, financing, wealth management, investment and appreciation.

On May 27, our bank joined hands with China UnionPay and Codoon to release the “Vigor Life” credit card. This product is supported by a payment-allowed bracelet, which is the first wearable payment product in China and breaks the boundary of traditional credit card medium and payment mode.

On May 22, “Silk Road Gold Fund”, which is China’s largest special fund for the Silk Road and established with the help of IB, was officially launched. The scale of this fund is RMB 100 billion and it would integrate golden industrial chains along the Silk Road by means of setting up sub-sector funds, which is favorable for improving the gold pricing power of RMB and facilitating the globalization of RMB.

On May 14, The Asian Banker released the results of “2015 China Awards Programme” in Beijing in which our bank won China’s Best Domestic Trade Finance Bank Award, China’s Best Retail Bank Outlets Innovation Award and Implementation Award of Anti-laundering Technology.

On May 7, our bank was ranked 73rd in 2015 Forbes Global 2000, up by 56 positions compared with last year and ranked 12 among all Chinese enterprises on the list.

In April, our bank launched the first “Medical Payment One-card” platform that integrates medical visit, financial payment and medical insurance settlement. It allows users to settle the account with the social security card when registering, having body examinations and getting medicine in different hospitals.

On April 23, Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council had an inspection to the Fuzhou Area of Fujian Free Trade Zone.

On April 10, Gao Jianping, the Chairman of our bank, entered the list of 2015 China’s 50 Most Influential Business Leaders of Fortune (Chinese version) again, becoming one of the youngest bankers selected for the second consecutive year.

On April 3, our cross-border fund pool system went live. The system allows large multinational groups and domestic group companies to manage local or foreign currencies domestically or overseas, thus witnessing a major breakthrough of cross-border finance.

On March 30, CBRC honored role model banking organizations and individuals in Beijing, and ten teams and 10 individuals of our bank were granted the titles of “Lei Feng Model Posts” and “Model Citizen In Following Comrade Lei Feng” in the Chinese banking industry.

On March 27, our bank was ranked 7th in the Asian Bank Competitiveness Ranking Report 2014 among all 221 involved Asian banks, and was the first among all domestic shareholding banks.

On March 22, our bank joined hands with the commonwealth organization SEE to hold the “Water and Sustainable Development Forum” in Shanghai and issued China’s first public benefit and charity concept bank card on the same day. Cardholders may make donations to support the “100 million trees” project proposed by SEE.

 On March 16, CNBENEFIT issued a report of bank wealth management capacity in 2014 and our bank was ranked No. 1 in terms of comprehensive wealth management capacity and ranked top 5 in terms of issuing capacity, profiting capacity and risk control capacity.

In March, our bank released our proprietary ATM machine for the blind, which is the first in China and capable of providing convenience for the blind by means of voice navigation and braille writing.

In March, our bank’s first family trust business was completed in Xi’an.

In March, in order to support massive entrepreneurship and innovation, our bank issued the “Startup Loan” product in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing and Xiamen. The loan is secured by a natural person guarantee and requires no other mortgage. The valid term of credit extension is one year and the maximum amount is RMB 1 million.

In February, China Industrial International Trust Limited, a subsidiary of our bank, received 40.3% shares of Industrial Futures transferred by Shanghai Shanrong Industrial Co., Ltd. and thus held 70% shares of Industrial Futures as a dominant shareholder.

On February 4, our proprietary and independently developed “E-Financing” online financing platform was successfully launched. Small enterprises may apply for financing, withdraw funds independently, borrow and repay funds freely, use funds in a recycled way, make payment inquiries or access to other online financing functions, so as to reduce the cost of financing.

On Jan 21, our bank won the 2014 Best Bank Prize for Inclusive Finance Practice in China granted by China Times.

On January 20, our bank was authorized by China Securities Depository and Clearing Company Limited to perform option fund clearing.

On Jan 17, in the 12th China Financial and Economic Honors organized by www.hexun.com, our bank won three prizes, the Most Influential National Bank, the Most Competitive Wealth Management Institution and the Most Competitive Small and Micro Finance Service Provider.

On January 8, our branch in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone was opened. On April 21, our sub-branch in Fuzhou Area of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone was promoted to a branch. On April 21, our Xiangyu sub-branch in Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone was inaugurated, representing the ever-improved organization structure in free trade zones.

In January, the CBRC authorized our bank to perform securization of credit assets.

In January, by virtue of our advantageous comprehensive service system, business capacity, technology information system and risk control capability, our bank was qualified by the Ministry of Finance as a collecting and withholding bank for non-taxable income for the central treasury.