Major Events in 2016

In December, Industrial Bank Digital Finance Information Service, a member of the group, established Industrial Bank Digital Finance Cloud—China’s first financial industrial cloud based on OpenStack.

In December, IB officially launched the industry's first green finance professional support system through independent research and development, which possesses multiple functions such as attribute recognition of green financial business, environmental benefits measurement, client management, credit business, Equator Principles review, risk monitoring as well as appraisal.

In December, IB in cooperation with IB Fund, a subsidiary of IB, participated in the establishment of Cross-Strait Energy Industrial Fund (Xiamen) Partnership Company (limited partnership) with a total scale of RMB 10 billion. This fund is an exclusive platform for PetroChina to carry out this round of reforms of SOE for mixed-ownership economy, and an important milestone for IB’s participation in equity investment of reforms of SOE for mixed-ownership economy.

On December 22, at the ninth Appraisal of Excellent Board of Directors in Chinese Listed Companies organized by 21st Century Business Herald, IB received “Excellent Board of Directors in Chinese Strategic Listed Companies 2016” and Gao Jianping, Chairman of IB, received “Most Respectable Chairman of Chinese Listed Companies 2016”.

On December 22, IB Consumer Finance Company, a subsidiary of IB, has run for two years, accumulatively granting loans of over RMB 10 billion and serving over 0.5 million individual clients.

On December 22, at the sixth “Appraisal of Chinese Economic and Trade Enterprises’ Most Trustworthy Finance Provider”, IB received “Best Foreign Currency Financial Bank” award.

On December 21, approved by Tianjin Banking Regulatory Bureau, IB Financial Leasing Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IB, issued secondary capital debentures of less than RMB 2 billion.

On December 19, IB’s second Extraordinary General Meeting of 2016 elected the 9th board of directors and the 7th board of supervisors (the supervisors of staff representatives were elected by IB’s General Meeting of Staff).

On December 16, Fujian Exchange and Clearing Center, established by China Industrial Asset Management Limited, a member of the group, opened in Fuzhou.

On December 13, at the 14th Annual Meeting for Competitiveness of Chinese Businesses 2016 cum Finance Summit organized by China Business Journal, IB got two awards, namely, “Financial Holdings Group with Outstanding Competitiveness” and “Stock-holding Commercial Bank with Outstanding Competitiveness”.

On December 10, the first Green Carbon Development Summit cum Award Ceremony was staged in Shanghai and IB got the first green carbon award—“Best Innovation in Carbon Finance”.

On December 9, in the appraisal of “2015-2016 China Outstanding Finance Prize” sponsored by The Economic Observer, IB was awarded “Outstanding Innovative Bank”.

On December 9, IB’s first private bank “cross-border investment consultation service” project was launched, which granted H stock of China Securities of $16 million to four ultrahigh-net-worth clients. This indicated that IB’s private bank “consultation-driven” strategy successfully extended to overseas market.

On December 9, in the "2016 China Financial Institutions Gold Medal Standings • Golden Dragon Award" organized by Financial Times, our Bank won the "Annual Best Shareholding Bank" award.

On December 8, IB Trust, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, issued the first “IB Trust Stage I” trust benefit ABS project.

On December 8, IB Consumer Finance Company, a subsidiary of IB, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Newland.

On December 8, at the fifth session of “2016 Leading China Annual Summit cum Annual Appraisal Award Ceremony”, IB was awarded four awards, namely, “Outstanding Chinese-funded Bank”, “Award of Social Responsibility”, “Outstanding Wealth Management Award” and “Outstanding Custody Bank”.

On December 7, at “CCTM 2016”, IB received “2016 Best Cash Management Bank” and “Best Property Innovative Product”.

On December 2, at China CSR Commonweal Ceremony and the 9th China CSR Summit 2016”, sponsored by, Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other institutions, Gao Jianping, chairman of IB received “2016 Outstanding Figure of Social Responsibility in China”.

On December 1, IB's scale of lead underwriting of debt financing tools for non-financial enterprises exceeded RMB 400 billion. Compound annual growth rate over the past five years was nearly 30% and scale of underwriting ranked first among shareholding banks and third in the whole market.

On November 30, 21st Century Business Herald released the list of competitiveness of Asian banks, and IB ranked 8th in terms of comprehensive competitiveness and 3rd in terms of profit index among 229 banks in 10 Asian countries (regions), and received “2016 Outstanding Asian Commercial Bank”.

On November 30, IB’s innovative green wealth management products designed for individual investors—“WLB-Green Finance” open and non-principal-guaranteed wealth management products with floating returns can be subscribed and redeemed for the first time, raising fund of over RMB 10 billion within 6 days.

On November 27, Gao Jianping, IB’s Secretary of Party Committee, was elected as a member of the tenth CPC Fujian Provincial Committee.

On November 24, IB signed a strategic cooperation agreement with HNA Group in Haikou. IB planned to offer credit extension of RMB 30 billion as well as all-round and diversified financial service to HNA Group such as investment banking, cash management, industrial fund, financial leasing, domestic and foreign merger and acquisition business, international settlement and project financing.

On November 22, at the fourth “Excellent Customer Service Center in Banking Industry of China” appraisal and the third “Star of Customer Service” appraisal sponsored by China Banking Association, IB Customer Service Center was granted “Comprehensive Model Department Award” and “Value Contribution Award” for three consecutive years, and 16 staff in IB Customer Service Center received “Most Popular Star of Customer Service” and “Excellent Star of Customer Service” respectively.

On November 21, IB Financial Leasing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IB, raised three-year syndicated loan of USD 0.15 billion, used to meet the need of fund of its aircraft leasing business.

On November 18, IB and Qingdao Municipal People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to set up Asset Custody (Qingdao) Center in Qingdao.

On November 18, the tenth “First Financial Value List” was released in Beijing. Gao Jianping, chairman of IB won “A Decade for CFV·Leader of Green Finance”; IB got “Annual Stock-holding Commercial Bank”; Zheng Changmei, president of IB Financial Leasing Company, a subsidiary of IB, received “Annual Leader of Financial Leasing”; Industrial Research Company got “Best New Research Institution”.

On November 16, Industrial Bank Digital Finance Information Service, a member of the group, in cooperation with IB Shanghai Branch and, co-launched “Swordsman” note witness and custody system.

In November, integrated mobile payment product “Money E-pay” for banks and cooperative businesses launched by IB interbank platform , combining Alipay, WeChat, QQ Wallet, Manager’s Wallet and other mainstream ways of mobile payment in the market and supporting many connections including PC client, mobile phone APP, POS machine, and public WeChat account.

On November 8, IB and Leshi Holding signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in fields including personal finance, credit card and payment account management, consumption installment and asset management, and to launch the first joint credit card of IB and LeSports.

In October, as IB’s 44th first-level branch in China and 5th first-level branch in northwestern China, IB Yinchuan Branch was approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission.

In October, IB, in cooperation with Garmin, a world-class GPS and wearable equipment manufacturer, launched second-generation wearable mobile payment product -- the first high-end mobile payment sports watch in China.

On October 28, IB announced the performance of 2016 Q3. By the end of September, IB’s total assets have reached RMB 5.82 trillion, up by 9.78% compared with the beginning of the year and ranked first among national shareholding banks; operating revenue has reached RMB 118.658 billion with a YOY growth of 5.61%; the net profit was RMB 43.982 billion with a YOY growth of 6.70%; the total ROA and weighted net ROA were respectively 0.80% and 14.11%, remaining excellent in the industry.

On October 26, Industrial Research Company, a member of the group, signed strategic cooperation agreements with 9 small and medium-sized banks. This was the first time Industrial Research signed service agreements with external bank clients, indicating that it started to explore market-oriented development.

On October 12, IB, Fujian Ocean and Fisheries Department and CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to launch a special industrial fund for marine economic construction with a scale of RMB 10 billion, providing financial support for Fujian’s marine economic construction.

On October 10, the first session of Council on Fujian Province’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Earmarked Fund, co-initiated by Fujian Provincial Department of Finance and IB, was held, announcing the Fund was officially put into operation.

On September 27, Bus Operation Charge Usufruct Asset Backed Special Plan of Wuxi Communications Industry Group, China’s first green ABS of non-listed company and invested by IB, was launched. The raised fund is mainly used for purchase of new energy buses and clean energy buses and operation of bus facilities.

On September 24, on “2016 China Bankers Forum” cum Award Ceremony of Competitiveness Ranking for Commercial Banks in China sponsored by The Banker, IB ranked fourth regarding accounting assessment of national commercial banks and was granted “Best Wealth Management Bank” award.

On September 22, IB Financial Leasing Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IB, received “Innovation Award” of the 4th China Air Finance “Wan Hoo” Awards.

On September 21, the Wealth APAC Forum cum 2016 International Private Wealth Management &China “Golden Award” Ceremony was held in Shanghai, and IB won “Best Private Bank in China-Outstanding Innovation Award”.

On September 12, based on free trade accounts of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, IB completed the overseas issuance of USD CD (Certificate of Deposit) with a total of $50 million and a valid term of 3 months, marking that the first USD CD (Certificate of Deposit) of deposit financial institutions in China’s Free Trade Zone was launched in international financial market.

On September 8, Fujian Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd. succeeded in issuing its ultra short-term financing bonds (Stage III), the first DFI business in Fujian province underwritten by IB. This issue lasts for 270 days with a total amount of RMB 1 billion, a coupon rate of 2.76% and the lowest price among regional state-owned enterprises with same rating and same period concerning short-term financing bonds.

On September 7, IB issued green wealth management products designed for individual investors—“WLB-Green Finance” wealth management products with a valid term of 5 years. Purchase application and redemption will open every three months (an investment period). With capital mainly invested in green environmental protection projects and green bonds, these products have a reference annualized net rate of return of 4.0% in the first investment period.

On September 7, IB Trust and IB Financial Leasing, subsidiaries of IB, succeeded in issuing “the first Jinxin leasing assets backed securities 2016” with a scale of RMB 2.156 billion and the subscription was 4.18 times the scale of issuance.

On September 7, the first Zhongyu non-performing assets backed securities 2016 issued by IB Trust, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank got “2016 most recognized innovative product” in “2016 Asset Securitization· Jiefu Award” Appraisal sponsored by caishiV.

On September 7, IB started global roadshow for the first overseas bonds of 5 billion. On September 21, it completed the first issuance of $1 billion, setting several records as overseas bonds of Chinese-capital shareholding bank with the largest scale, the largest oversubscription number, the lowest interest rate and the lowest premium.

On September 6, sponsored by eight institutions including Green Finance Specialized Committee of China Finance Society, UN Environment Programme, International Capital Market Association and IB, International Green Finance Forum was held in Shanghai. On one hand, it showed the development of green finance in China and on the other hand, it raised awareness of green finance in G20 and fueled international exchanges and cooperation in green finance. Yi Gang, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, Erik Solhiem, UN Deputy Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Environment Program, Barbara Woodward, British ambassador to China, Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs attended the forum and made speeches, and Tao Yiping, the governor of IB and representative of leading banks in green finance in China, made a keynote speech.

On September 5, A Decade’s Exploration of Green Finance, a piece of news report on an interview with Gao Jianping, the Chairman of our bank, was published in China Business News. It shared our bank’s experience in taking the lead to develop green finance and taking into account both public welfare and commerce, analyzed the prospects and space for development of green financial market in China and revealed the future blueprint for IB’s green finance.

On September 5, as one of the largest investors, IB participated in setting up Guohua Military-Civilian Integration Development Fund in Beijing with an initial scale of RMB 30.2 billion mainly invested in military industry and relevant industries as well as other strategic emerging industries.

On September 5, IB signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Grandland Investment Holding Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, provided RMB 10 billion for Grandland Holding and its holding companies and subsidiaries and all-round financial services covering local and foreign currency as well as domestic and overseas businesses, and advanced transformation and upgrade of traditional industries.

On September 1, “Happiness Stage I Charitable Trust Scheme” of IB Trust, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, was kept on file and was among the first batch of charitable trusts in China after the Charity Law came into force.

In September, the function of “searching nearby outlets” was available in “Money Manager”APP, enabling users to search nearby outlets and outlets under 800 cooperative banks on interbank platform.

In September, according to the latest annual index report released by Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited, IB was covered into constituent stocks of “Hang Seng (China A) Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index” for the seventh consecutive year.

In September, IB offered disaster relief loan of RMB 400 million to Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture struck by Typhoon Lionrock, assisting victims in rebuilding their homeland and resuming normal production and life.

On August 30, “mobile smart hospital” platform created by IB for Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Weifang city was officially launched. So far, IB has launched 100 smart hospitals in 19 provinces and cities nationwide. Among them, more than half are first-class hospitals and above, benefiting a million people.

On August 29th, IB announced the semiannual performance report 2016. As of late June, its total asset had ranked first among shareholding banks of the same type with RMB 5.71 trillion, up by 7.75% over the beginning of this year; the net profit was RMB 29.441 billion with a YOY growth of 6.12%, ranking second among shareholding banks of the same type.

On August 18, IB and Hana Bank (China) signed Interbank Platform Wealth Management Portal Cooperation Agreement and Interbank Platform OTC Agency Settlement Cooperation Agreement.

On August 11, IB held the 60th regular press conference of the banking industry with a theme of “Continue to Stride Forward After a Decade’s Exploration of Green Finance” in Beijing and introduced its development of green finance over the past decade, some achievements and future development plan of green finance group to 38 media from home and abroad.

On August 9, Fujian Exchange and Clearing Center Co., Ltd., established by IB Trust, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, convened a meeting in Fuzhou.

In August, approved by Fujian Provincial Government and co-initiated by Fujian Provincial Department of Finance and IB, Fujian Province’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Earmarked Fund was established with a scale of RMB 20 billion and a valid term of 10 years. It focuses on PPP projects that are included in the Fujian Provincial PPP Projects Bank with financial capacity already demonstrated.

On July 29, a private offering plan was approved by board of directors of IB. IB proposed to raise capital of no more than RMB 26 billion in total from six institutions including Fujian Provincial Department of Finance, China National Tobacco Corporation, Yango Holding Co., ltd. and Fujian Investment & Development Group through private offering. On August 15, IB convened the first extraordinary shareholders’ general meeting 2016 in which the private offering plan was approved by the affirmative votes of more than 98% of the total.

On July 28, the signing ceremony for “Internet Finance Union of Commercial Banks”, co-initiated by 12 national stock-holding commercial banks including IB, was held in Beijing in which members of the union officially signed the account interconnection cooperation agreement for commercial banks. Online interbank transfer between members of the union was free and the involved parties would create more secure accounts and provide more innovative financial services for clients through system interconnection, mutual recognition of accounts and capital interconnection.

On July 20, US magazine Fortune released the “2016 Fortune Global 500” on which IB ranked 195th with business revenue of $46.4464 billion, up by 76 positions over last year. As the fastest growing bank on the list, it was also listed into “Fortune Global 500 with Highest Profit” with a profit of $7.989 billion.

On July 19, IB Consumer Finance Company, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with UnionPay Merchant Services Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, becoming the first consumer finance company in full cooperation with large-scale third party payment agency in China.

On July 15, “China Trust Industry Development Summit 2016” cum the Ninth Session of Award Ceremony of China Excellent Trust Company Appraisal was held in Shanghai. IB Trust, a shareholding subsidiary of IB, got “Excellent Trust Company in China” for the fourth consecutive year. Meanwhile, “IB Trust· Guangsha Property Right Trust No.1” issued by the company gained “Excellent Innovative Trust Plan”.

On July 8, IB joined hands with Fujian Provincial Bureau of Finance to set up “Fujian Enterprise Technology Upgrade Investment Fund (limited partnership)”. With an initial scale of RMB 8 billion and a valid term of 10 years, the fund launched the first batch of technology upgrade investment projects on August 2 and offered financing of RMB 60 million for CPTF Optronics Co., Ltd. and SCC New Materials Company.

On July 7, on the fourth comprehensive appraisal of banks organized by Sina Finance, IB was granted three awards, i.e. “Most Influential Bank”, “Best Wealth Management” and “Most Popular Direct Banking”.

On July 5, IB and Dalian Municipal Government signed Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation to Vigorously Develop Green Finance and Advance Sustainable Development of Industries, Environment and Economy in Dalian. Both sides would enhance cooperation in the establishment of carbon emission rights trading platform, earmarked funds and risk control, and provide no less than RMB 50 billion to finance key construction fields and major projects in Dalian during the 13th Five-Year Plan.

As of the end of June, the scale of public offering fund management of IB Fund, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, ranked 20th, up by 14 positions over the end of 2015.

On June 30, British magazine The Banker released the latest “Top 1000 World Banks in 2016”. The Industrial Bank (IB) ranked the 32nd place in terms of Tier 1 capital, moving up 4 positions over last year and the 33rd place in terms of total assets, moving up 9 positions over last year and the 2nd place in the top 50 world banks in terms of the cost-income ratio.

On June 29, Industrial Bank Financial Leasing Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Administrative Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area held the signing ceremony of memorandum of cooperation. Industrial Bank Financial Leasing Company added a new round of investment of RMB 2 billion, deepened cooperation with Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area and supported the construction of real economy.

On June 28, as the lead underwriter, IB issued 2016 trust asset backed notes (Stage I) of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., the first circular purchase structural asset backed notes in China, with an amount of RMB 1 billion.

On June 27, IB Consumer Finance Company, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, and Hangzhou Xingjian Financial Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to explore Internet consumer finance business and they launched “small pudding loan” products.

On June 24, on the “Release of 2015 CSR Report for Chinese Banking Industry and the Commendation Conference of Corporate Social Responsibility” sponsored by the China Banking Association, our bank won “Annual Best Corporate Social Responsibility Institution Award” for the sixth consecutive year, and another two awards, i.e. “Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Special Outlets” and “Annual Best Management Award of Corporate Social Responsibility”.

On June 23, the opening ceremony of the large-scale public welfare activity - Industrial Bank Chinese Youth International Football Championship 2016 was held in Beijing and our bank became the exclusive title sponsor and the only partner in financial industry from 2016 to 2020.

On June 22, World Brand Lab issued the “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands 2016” where our bank ranked 130th with a brand value of RMB 25.084 billion, up by RMB 4.795 billion over last year and an increase of 834.22% over 2010 when it appeared on the list for the first time. It was the bank with the largest increase at the same period concerning brand value.

On June 22, our bank, together with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), released the comprehensive development report of China’s private banking 2016 - “China Private Banking 2016: Significant Increase and Global Allocation” in Beijing. We have conducted research on and cooperation in private banking for two consecutive years.

On June 17, IB held “Conference on Comprehensive Financial Service of Commercial Bank Group cum Cooperation Between Interbank Platforms 2016” in Putian city. At the conference, IB’s interbank platform revealed its strategic blueprint of “financial service supports payment and settlement, wealth management platform and asset transaction” and put forward a plan to create an international interbank platform.

On June 16, Visual Credit Machine (VCM) of IB Consumer Finance Company, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, was put into use.

On June 12, IB registered China’s first green private placement note for Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. and planned to raise a fund of RMB 0.15 billion for extension and reconstruction project (stage II) of Tianjin Beichen Dashuang Sewage Treatment Plant.

IB Fund, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, was active in asset securitization of provident fund loan. As of the end of May, the company undertook six businesses out of nine asset securitization of provident fund loan issued in the market, with a scale of fundraising of 3.7 billion. It ranked first in the industry in terms of number and scale.

In May, IB launched “Honest and Easy Loan” toward small and micro companies that offer high-quality and easily realizable real estate mortgage and are in need of support from short and middle-term credit.

On May 27, IB Trust, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, in cooperation with Bank of China, released the first Zhongyu non-performing assets backed securities 2016, the first non-performing assets backed securities in national interbank bond market after the pilots had been restarted. The scale of issuance was RMB 0.301 billion.

On May 26, our bank was ranked 59th in 2016 Forbes Global 2000, and was ranked 13th among all Chinese enterprises on the list, up by 14 positions over last year.

On May 26, the S&P Global Market Intelligence released the latest global bank rankings. The Industrial Bank with total assets of $ 815.85 billion ranked No.35 in the list, moving up 5 positions over last year and strengthening its position among the top 50 global banks.

On May 17th, IB, in cooperation with Industrial Futures, a member of the group, with standard warehouse warrant of Shanghai Futures Exchange to be received upon delivery as mortgage, launched China’s first “pledge and credit extension of hedging standard warehouse warrant to be received upon delivery” business in Shanghai.

On May 12, IB together with Shengjingtong Co., Ltd. launched Xing Power credit card integrated with Shengjingtong subway bus application function in Shenyang.

On May 11, the registered capital of IB Fund, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, increased to RMB 0.7 billion from RMB 0.5 billion.

On May 10, IB Fund, a shareholding subsidiary of our bank, got “2015 Golden Fund-Growth Fund Management Company Award” in “Golden Fund” Award Appraisal sponsored by Shanghai Securities News.

On May 9, IB held the "Governmental Institution and Banking Enterprise Matchmaking and Financing Fair for Water Resource Utilization and Protection" (the Fair) in Jinan. It signed strategic cooperation agreements with an array of leader enterprises in water resource utilization and protection including Shandong Water Development Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Safbon Water Service Co., Ltd., in order to build a cooperation platform of environment protection for banks and enterprises and facilitate water protection and pollution prevention.

On May 5, IB held “Key Project Promotion Event to ‘Fill the Gap’ of Fujian” in Fuzhou and planned to add another 50 billion yuan to support the “fill the gap” key projects during the years covered by the thirteenth “Five Year Plan”.

On May 1, IB successfully completed the preparation of replacing the business tax with a value-added tax and issued invoices specially for value-added tax. It becomes one of the two Chinese banks that are capable of issuing value-added tax invoices by directly linking the value-added tax management system with the production system. As of June 30, IB had totally issued 664 invoices specially for value-added tax with the total invoiced amount of RMB 142 million, resulting to RMB 16.52 million of total deducted taxes from input items enjoyed by enterprise clients.

In April, IB won two awards, namely, “2016 Best Investment Bank (in the Banking Industry) in China” and “2016 Best Financial Advisor Bank in China”, in the tenth session of “Excellent Investment Banks Appraisal in China” sponsored by Securities Times.

On April 27, IB released the annual report of 2015 and the report of the first quarter of 2016. By the end of 2015, the total assets of IB had reached RMB 5298.88 billion, up by 20.25% compared with the beginning of the year; the net profit had reached RMB 50.207 billion, up by 6.51% on a YOY basis. For the first quarter of 2016, the total assets reached RMB 5470.783 billion and the net profit reached RMB 15.7 billion, with the YOY increase of 6.15%.

On April 25th, IB, as the lead underwriter, assisted Xiamen Airlines in registering ultra short-term financing bonds of RMB 10 billion with the first issuance of RMB 2 billion in the interbank bond market, and saved interest expenses of RMB 11.18 million for Xiamen Airlines during the duration of bonds.

On April 25th, PY Standard released the report of bank wealth management capacity in the first quarter of 2014 and our bank was ranked No. 1 in terms of comprehensive wealth management capacity again.

From April 16 to 17, IB successfully upgraded and launched its core business system (V3 project), nearly 9 hours ahead of schedule. The processing capacity of IB's core business system will leap from 10 million transactions to 100 million transactions per single day.

On April 11, Shanghai Clearing House announced the Outstanding Member of the Year 2015 in “Central Counterparty Clearing” and “Registration and Custody Settlement Business” Appraisal. IB exclusively won the “Special Achievement Award of RMB Interest Rate Swap and Agent Business”, and once again won the Outstanding Clearing Member Award and Excellence Award of issuance business, and also got the “Excellence Award of Central Counterparty Clearing of Interest Rate Financial Derivatives”.

On April 11, IB publicly issued secondary capital debentures of RMB 30 billion which became secondary capital debentures of commercial banks with the largest single scale in the interbank market since four quarters in 2015.

On April 8, in the “Award of the Year in the Second Session of China Asset securitization Forum” Appraisal co-sponsored by China Asset securitization Forum and PBC School of Finance, IB’s stage III and stage IV credit asset securitization projects of 2015 won the “Top Ten Transaction of Credit Asset Securitization Award” and “Xingqian” series housing provident fund asset securitization projects won the “Top Ten Transaction of Enterprise Asset Securitization Award”.

On April 8, IB concluded the first interest rate swap transaction with DBS Shanghai Branch through FTZ trade system of China Foreign Exchange Trade Center. It marks the ice breaking of Chinese interest rate swap market in the free trade zone.

On April 5, IB released “IB Butler”, a corporate mobile payment product. It combines account management, financial audit, transfer and remittance, password creation, account inquiry and mobile office, helping enterprises improve efficiency and lower costs.

On April 1, IB announced that the handling fee for transfer and remittance via its electronic channels (Internet banking, phone banking App, WeChat banking etc.) will be waived for individual clients.

In April, national interbank lending center released the result of interbank local currency market appraisal 2015, IB was granted Strongest Market Influence Award, Currency Market Innovation Award, Best Transaction of Derivatives and Outstanding Contribution to Negotiable Certificate of Deposit.

On March 31, IB and Xiamen University signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in project financing, production and research finance, industrial fund, PPP project financing, capital preservation and appreciation and construction of capital settlement system.

On March 25, “IB-Sinopec Joint Card”, co-launched by IB and Sinopec, was put into trial use in Guangdong province. It is IB’s first applied finance IC card of petrochemical industry.

On March 21, CNBENEFIT issued a report of bank wealth management capacity in 2015 and our bank was ranked No. 1 consecutively in terms of wealth management capacity and ranked top 5 in terms of profitability, risk control capacity and normative information disclosure.

In March, IB, Spring Airlines Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Zhixin Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd. signed the Carbon Quota Assets Repurchase Agreement in Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, to trade carbon quota up to 500,000 tons. It is the first carbon quota repurchase business in China and the first case with an aircraft company involved in carbon financial innovation.

On February 29, the seventeenth session of the eighth meeting of the board of directors of IB passed Proposal for Appointing Tao Yiping as the President, and agreed on the decision.

On February 29, Li Renjie, director and president of IB, applied to the board of directors for resigning from the directorship and presidency of the company due to his age.

On February 29, IB’s 15th Meeting of the 6th Board of Supervisors passed Proposal for Electing Jiang Yunming as the President of the 6th Board of Supervisors.

On February 25, Jiang Yunming, director and vice president of IB, applied to the board of directors for resigning from the directorship and vice-presidency of the company and was elected the supervisor of staff representatives of Board of Supervisors after a vote in General Meeting of Staff on the same day.

On February 26, during the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, Achim Steiner, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Executive Director of UN Environmental Planning, made a trip to IB and exchanged his opinions about green finance in which he expressed his appreciation to IB for all the results it has achieved in exploring and developing green finance.

On February 23, according to data provided by National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, IB underwrote and issued debt financing tools of RMB 384.245 billion in 2015 and its scale of underwriting ranked first for four consecutive years among shareholding banks.

On February 18, IB was the first to launch the mobile payment function of Apple Pay.

On February 2, British magazine The Banker released “2016 top 500 global banks”, and IB ranked 36th with brand value of USD 6.455 billion, up by USD 1.9 billion and with a YOY growth of 42%. Meanwhile, it ranked 6th among the world's ten “wholesale and commercial banks” with the highest band value in 2016.

On January 22, IB announced that it will work with JICA and Deloitte to start private bank’s one-stop high-end professional services “package”, covering legal, tax, business management consulting and global real estate.

On January 22, IB held the “Conference on Promoting Air Pollution Control cum Optimizing Industrial Heating and Municipal Heating Services” in Shenyang. It signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shenyang City Utilities Group Co., Ltd., Shenyang City Natural Gas Corporation and other enterprises, to support “green heating” in northern cities and alleviate urban air pollution.

On January 21, IB was among the first batch that was approved to issue green finance bonds of less than RMB 50 billion, and it issued the first domestic green finance bond of RMB 10 billion on January 28.

In January, IB launched “smart school” comprehensive financial solution oriented toward education, covering over 300 educational institutions in 23 provinces and cities including Fudan University and Beijing Jiaotong University.

On January 11, IB cooperated with Shenzhen Tong Co., Ltd. to launch China’s first mobile financial payment bracelet with bus application functions.

In January, IB signed an agreement with Beijing Environment Exchange and both sides will conduct strategic cooperation regarding carbon emissions trading pilots in Beijing. IB currently has signed cooperation agreements with seven regional carbon emissions trading pilot areas and achieved full coverage of business cooperation with national carbon emissions trading pilot areas.

On January 5, IB issued China’s first green loan asset-backed security of 2016 with a RMB 2.646 billion and the funds activated and released will be used in key fields of energy conservation and environmental protection again.