Major Events in 2017

On March 31, our subsidiary company IB Digital Finance Information Service Company held a launch event in Beijing, announcing to upgrade the financial cloud business from infrastructure to solutions in conjunction with IBM, and officially launching the new financial cloud service brand “Shujin Cloud”.

On March 31, our bank joint hands with Letv Holdings to hold a press conference in Beijing, on which they announced to launch the TV “Family Bank” and move the bank into all families. This product provides “product supermarket, VOD, video live broadcast, video customer service” and other bank services for users through Letv televisions, Letv STBs and other terminals. This action represents another model in trans-boundary cooperation and the build-up of the Internet financial ecological circle.

On March 28, our bank received the Reply on the Approval for Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.'s Private Offering of Stock issued by CSRC. The contribution and capital verification for this private offering was completed on March 31 and we successfully and privately issued 1.721854 billion new shares to 6 entities including Fujian Provincial Department of Finance, China National Tobacco Corporation. The fund raised totaled RMB 26 billion and was all used to supplement the tire 1 core capital after deducting relevant issuance cost.

On March 28, our bank held the 100th regular press conference of banking industry in Beijing with the theme of “stable proceeding and firm decision to make a bluechip brand - the 10th anniversary of our IPO”. We communicated and exchanged ideas with 35 domestic and overseas media friends about our development in the past ten years and the idea for the next Five Year Plan.

On March 13, our bank, as the promoting agency, custodian bank and investor of this project, assisted on the successful launch of the China's first and Zhejiang province’s first PPP asset securitization project - “China Securities - Insigma Tunnel of Qingchun Road PPP Project Asset Backed Special Plan”.

On March 3, the “phase I poverty relief medium term note of 2017 for Guizhou Highway Investment Co., Ltd.”, China’s first poverty relief medium term note underwritten by our bank, was successfully issued, symbolizing an innovative breakthrough in promoting precise poverty relief with finance in the interbank bond market.

On March 3, Shanghai Clearing House announced the result of the “Central Counterparty Clearing” and “Registration and Custody Settlement Business” Appraisal of 2016. Our bank won the titles of “Outstanding Clearing Member” and “Excellent Issuance Business”, and was awarded 5 honors including the “Outstanding Settlement Member”, “Excellent Award of Independent Operation and Clearing of Net Bond”, “Excellent Award of Independent Operation and Clearing of Foreign Exchange”, “Excellent Award of Independent Operation and Clearing of Interest Rate Exchange” and “Outstanding Underwriter”.

On March 3, our bank printed the Opinion on Continuously Deepening Reform in Organizational Structure and System and officially launch the reform in organizational structure and system for the purpose of enhancing services and market competitiveness of the group and add more fuel for transformation and development.

On March 1, our subsidiary Industrial Research Company and Bank of Langfang signed a comprehensive study and service agreement, which states that IB will provide a package of study results to the Bank of Langfang, covering the macro-economy, industrial credit and financial projects.

In March, in order to further intensify the internal control and compliance of the group, increase the capability of risk control and foster a great culture of internal control and compliance, our bank officially launched the “IB Sailing” year of internal control and compliance enhancement in 2017.

In March, our bank organized a series of activities themed with “right · obligation · risk” to protect the rights of financial consumers. We face-to-face communicated with financial consumers outside banks, in communities, in schools and on the street.

We pioneered the new mode of “Credit Card O2O Quick Live Issuance” to provide convenient one-stop services of on-site card application, verification and swiping for clients. This mode is now applied and promoted in more than 30 cities including Nanjing, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Hefei and Ningbo.

On February 24, during the “Futures Margin Custody Working Conference of 2016” held in China Financial Futures Exchange, our bank was granted the “Best Service Award” of 2016, thus becoming the only bank that has been rated as “excellent” for three consecutive years among 13 custodian banks.

On February 24, Jingdong Baitiao trust asset backed notes of 2017 (Stage I) (hereinafter called “Jingdong Baitiao ABN”), with our bank as the lead underwriter, were successfully issued on inter-bank market in a directional way. This is also the first consumer finance asset backed note in domestic inter-bank market.

On February 20, our bank, in hand with IB Trust, successfully issued the first public REITs product on inter-bank market - “Asset-backed Securities of IB Wanxin Yuejia Real Estate Investment Trusts Stage I”, with the total scale of RMB 553.5 million.

On February 14, our bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen Airlines in Fuzhou, planning to offer 30 billion yuan credit to Xiamen Airlines and its subordinate companies and provide comprehensive financial service solutions including credit extension, cross-border settlement, investment financing, financial consulting service and industrial research advisory.

On February 8, the macroeconomy research team from our subsidiary - Industrial Research Company won the first prize of “Best Award of Predicting China Economic Index” in Thomson Reuters StarMine Global Analysts Appraisal of 2016.

On February 7, according to the data released by China Banking Association, by the end of 2016, the net value of asset custody of our bank reached RMB 9442.307 billion, up by 30.89% compared with the beginning of the year and ranked 3rd in the industry; profit from custody was RMB 4.351 billion, ranked second in the industry; custody business led the industry.

On February 5, our bank celebrated the 10th anniversary of IPO in A share market. Our asset scale is increased from RMB 617.7 billion in 2007 to RMB 5816.9 billion in the end of September 2016, ranking first among all Chinese shareholding banks; the net capital is increased from RMB 28.8 billion to RMB 450.7 billion, up by 14.6 times; the net profit is increased from RMB 3.8 billion in 2006 to 50.25 billion in 2015, up by 12.2 times; the ROE has been maintained high at 24% during the past ten years; the accumulative cash dividends since the date of listing reaches RMB 52.884 billion.

In February, the famous independent brand value research institution Brand Finance released the list of “Global Top 500 Brands of 2017”. Our bank is ranked 129 by brand value, up by 80 positions compared with last year.

On February 2, the British magazine The Banker, an international authoritative media, and Brand Finance, a world-famous independent brand value research institution, released the list of “2017 Top 500 Global Banks”. Our bank, with the brand value of USD 10.567 billion, up by USD 4.112 billion or 63.7%, was ranked 21 on the list, up by 15 positions compared with last year.

On January 18, our bank was awarded the “Best Institution Award of 2016” granted by the Banking Credit Asset Registration and Circulation Center.

On January 17, our subsidiary company IB Digital Finance Information Service Company and the Bank of Xinjiang signed the Service Agreement for Hosting Core Business System. Our bank would operate and maintain the system of the Bank of Xinjiang, provide hosting service, build up a new system in different stages of development, and provide customized R&D services based on their needs.

On January 11, our subsidiary IB Consumer Finance Company donated RMB 10 million to Quanzhou Municipal Education Fund for developing special education.

On January 7, the result of China’s first annual asset securitization appraisal was revealed. Our bank won five prizes including “2016 Accounts Receivable ABS Best Risk Control Award” and “2016 Housing Provident Fund Loan ABS Best Asset Award”. The “first Jinxin leasing assets backed securities 2016” issued by IB Financial Leasing Company won the “Best Structure Award of Financial Leasing Asset Securitization of 2016”.

In January, according to the report of 2016 made by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange about how 407 banks followed regulations of foreign exchange management, our bank got “A” rating and became one of the six banks that got the highest rating among 21 national banks.

In January, according to the appraisal result of “One Thousand Demonstrative Units in Civilized and Standardized Service of Chinese Banks in 2016” released by China Banking Association, 21 operation outlets of our bank were on the list, including the Shanghai branch, Haining branch in Jiaxing, Hangzhou and Lixia branch in Jinan.

In January, our board chairman Gao Jianping was honored as “Top Ten Financial Figures in 2016” by the Banker.

The work conference of our bank for 2017 was held in Fuzhou from January 12 to 13.