IB Honor in 2015

On December 22, in the Public Benefit Festival of Chinese Social Responsibility 2015 organized by the Xinhua.com, our Bank won the "2015 China Green Social Responsibility Award".

On December 18, in the "2015 China Financial Institutions Gold Medal Standings • Golden Dragon Award" organized by Financial Times, our Bank won the "Annual Best Inclusive Finance Bank" award.

On December 17, in the "2015 Piloting China's Financial Industry Annual Appraisal" organized by jrj.com, the Bank was awarded the Outstanding Chinese-funded Bank, Outstanding Retail Bank, Outstanding Direct Bank and Outstanding Credit Card Brand.

On December 17, in the "Ninth Annual Conference of Institutional Investors and Golden Cicada Award Appraisal" organized by China Times, the Bank won the "2015 Annual Financial Holding Group" award.

On December 16, our Bank's "IB Dynamic" Credit Card won the "Best Financial Innovation" award in the "2015 Golden Tripod Award Appraisal" organized by National Business Daily.

On December 15, our Bank's president, Li Renjie won the "2015 China's Top Ten Financial Figures" of China Banker magazine.

On December 11, in the "2015 First Financial Value List (CFV)" Appraisal organized by China Business News, the Bank won the "Annual Best Custodian Bank" award.

On December 10, the "2015 Appraisal of Excellent Board of Directors in Chinese Listed Companies" organized by the 21st Century news groups announced the result in Shenzhen, the Bank won the "2015 Excellent Board of Directors in Chinese Listed Companies (Main Board)" award.

On December 4, in the appraisal of "2014-2015 China Outstanding Finance Prize" sponsored by The Economic Observer, the Bank was awarded "Annual Bank with Outstanding Cash Management".

On December 2, at the "2015 Annual (Seventh) Excellent Competitiveness Appraisal of Financial Institutions" organized by China Business Journal, the Bank won the "2015 Excellent Competitiveness of Supply Chain Financial Services Bank" award.

On November 27, the 2015 Asian Bank Competitiveness Ranking Report released; among more than 130 banks in 10 countries and regions in Asia, our Bank ranked sixth in terms of competitiveness, topping domestic joint-stock banks, and won the "Asia's Bank Offering Best Returns to Shareholders" award consecutively.

On August 30, the "Money Manager" of Industrial Bank won the prize of "China's Most Popular Internet Financial Platform 2015" in the "Appraisal of Innovation in Internet Finance 2015" held by the Securities Times.

On August 7, Industrial Bank won the "Best Asset Custody Bank 2015" in the 2015China Asset Management Conference and the 8th 21st Century "Gold Shell" Series Appraisal for Assets Management sponsored by the 21st Century Business Herald.

On July 22, the US magazine, Fortune, released the 2015 list of "Fortune Global 500" companies. Industrial Bank ranked No. 271 in the list, moving up 67 positions over the last year. Meanwhile, the bank made its presence in the list of "Companies Moving Up Most Quickly".

On July 9, in the "China Banking Development Forum 2015 and the Award Ceremony for the 3rd Comprehensive Appraisal of Banks" held by Sina Finance, the direct bank of Industrial Bank won the "Annual Best Direct Bank" Prize.

On June 26, on the "Release of 2014 CSR Report for Chinese Banking Industry and the Commendation Conference of Corporate Social Responsibility" sponsored by the China Banking Association, our bank won "Annual Best Corporate Social Responsibility Institution Award", "Annual Best Green Finance Award", and "Annual Best Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Award".

On May 30, the result of the appraisal of 2015 China Financial Innovation Prize, co-sponsored by The Banker and Financial Products Center of Institute of Finance and Banking, CASS, was released in Beijing, our bank won the Best Financial Brand Innovation Prize, and the Money Manager won the Best 10 Internet Financial Innovation Prize.

On May 14, The Asian Banker released the results of "2015 China Awards Programme" in Beijing in which our bank won the China's Best Domestic Trade Finance Bank Award, China's Best Retail Bank Outlets Innovation Award and Implementation Award of Anti-laundering Technology.

On April 10, Gao Jianping, the Chairman of our bank, entered the list of 2015 China's 50 Most Influential Business Leaders of Fortune (Chinese version) again, becoming one of the youngest bankers selected for second consecutive year.

On March 30, CBRC honored role model banking organizations and individuals in Beijing, and ten teams and 10 individuals of our bank were granted the titles of "Lei Feng Model Posts" and "Model Citizen In Following Comrade Lei Feng" in the Chinese banking industry.

On Jan 21, our bank won the 2014 Best Bank Prize for Inclusive Finance Practice in China granted by China Times.

On Jan 17, in the 12th China Financial and Economic Honors organized by www.hexun.com, our bank won three prizes, the Most Influential National Bank, the Most Competitive Wealth Management Institution and the Most Competitive Small and Micro Finance Service Provider.