First Cartoon Credit Card in China Issued

Today, CIB Garfield Credit Card will make its debut across the country. As the first credit card with cartoon images of Garfield and his friend Odie in China , the card also features special shapes of Master Card. Moreover, the idea of Lovers' Credit Card was introduced to the public. In this way Industrial Bank created new space for the development of credit cards in China .

Sources said cardholders of "CIB Garfield Credit Card" could not only enjoy all the rights but also could get access to the membership of an online "Garfield Cardholders Club", which provides download of shared cartoons, wallpapers for computer desktop, screensavers, and games. In addition, CIB Credit Card Center prepares various types of Garfield gifts for exchange by accumulative scoring.

Because of the humorous nature of Garfield , CIB Garfield Credit Card put forward a fashion topic "Walk the Card". Without the need to deposit money, cardholders could enjoy the convenient service of "Zero Obstacle around the Globe" and preferential settlements in nearly one thousand linking businesses across the country. In Hong Kong , the strategic partner of Industrial Bank -- Hang Seng Bank also supplies the same support that covers numerous business links. These businesses cover fashion clothes, beauty salons, jewelry, watches, digital stereo, hotels and restaurants, including a large numbers of world-class fashion brands. The heat of "walking the card" is coming!

Launched across the country on July 22, 2004 , as a Dual-currency Credit Card, CIB Credit Card could be used universally and featured "Four Networks in One". The "Four Networks" are online banking, telephone banking, self-service banking and mobile phone banking. Excellent functions, such as synchronous SMS message and zero-risk of loss report, make the card the one with most secure protections in the country.

As a shareholding commercial bank featured low-key but steadfast operation, Industrial Bank kept gaining extensive interests from the industry in recent years for its sound development, innovative managerial pattern and striking market operations. Especially in recent years, Industrial Bank started the merger of city credit unions as well as city commercial banks and created market-driven merging mode in domestic banking industry. Industrial Bank successfully merged Zhejiang Yiwu City Credit Union, Wenzhou Oubei City Credit Union, Taizhou Xunda City Credit Union and Foshan City Commercial Bank. Thus Industrial Bank created an entirely new way of fast expansion for shareholding commercial banks. So far, 27 branches and 315 branch offices have been established in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou Shenzhen, Hangzhou , Nanjing , Chongqing , Jinan , Wuhan , Shenyang , Tianjin , Chengdu , Zhengzhou , Xi'an , Changsha , Dongguan, Foshan and cities in Fujian Province . By the end of June 2005, the total assets of Industrial Bank achieved 400 billion. Banker, a magazine of the UK , recently published the latest World Top 1000 Banks. Industrial Bank ranks the 210th according to total assets, 86 ranks higher than the previous year; and 325th according to core assets, 109 ranks higher over last year. Boasting strong momentum in development, Industrial Bank has become one of the domestic banks with fastest improvement in international ranking.