"Natural Life" Officially Unveiled

Connotation of Natural Life

Nature has its rules under which all things on earth develop and evolve. Life embodies values and practices. People fulfill the greatest values only if their life practices conform to natural rules. Family serves as the basic element in natural life. Individual development couldn't go further without the support from family. Moreover, a life without family remains only imperfectness. The "Natural Life" promoted by Industrial Bank, therefore, is a keen tool of professionalism for you and your family to create a maximum of wealth, so as to help you achieve a perfect life.


The triangle with stability stands for stable management of Industrial Bank. The equilateral triangle is an image to represent balanced development of Industrial Bank in terms of scale, quality and profits. Furthermore, triangle resembles the shape of Chinese character "Ren", which means people. So it also reflects the People-Oriented management belief of Industrial Bank and authentic, warm and sincere services for clients.

The blue triangle stands for men of success. Blue is the color of wisdom, of positive exploration towards the unknown realm. A state of mind that combines responsibility towards tasks, courage towards challenges and pioneer spirit towards future is also reflected in the color, with great inner strength and charming profundity.

The purple triangle stands for lady of beauty. Purple is the color of dignity, elegance and unique quality. It shows life with unswerving determination and tender feelings with consideration and solicitude for others.

The green triangle stands for juveniles. Green is the color of hope, brimming with endless energy and upgoing tendency. It is the reflection of nature and vividness of juveniles.

【Natural Life】

                        —— Easy Investment

                        —— Easy Estate

                        —— Easy Business

                        —— Easy Life

                        —— Easy Financing

【Family Wealth Management Card 】

                        —— Men's Card

                        —— Carnation Card

                        —— Youth Card

【VIP Value-added Services】

                        —— Golf Fashion

                        —— CIB SOS Aid

                        —— Airport VIP Passage

                        —— Value-high Business Insurance