Golf Year: Free of Green Fees promoted by Industrial Bank goes more and more popular

In November 2005, Industrial Bank debuted the Golf Year with Free of Green Fees at Sanjiu Green Base, which is located at the beautiful scenery Jiulongshan Mountain in Shenzhen. Many major media reported the event in less than one month. Golf lovers in Shenzhen, even across Guangdong Province , speeded the news from one to another. Everyday, scores of Industrial Bank VIP guests with "Wealth Management" Card can be found playing golf at Shenzhen Jiulongshan Golf Court . The event has been a hot topic among people.

With an objective known as "Striving to build a top-ranking bank with a history of centuries", Industrial Bank devoted itself in recent years to promoting distinguished and long-lasting retail products to the whole society. On September 20, after deliberate preparations, Industrial Bank launched its big retail brand -- Wealth Management and Family Series Finance Planning Cards under the brand. As the first set of Family Series Finance Planning Cards in China , the series possesses five characteristics and seven functions. It also has many value-added functions and services that its counterparts could not reach. Industrial Bank introduced with efforts the concept of "Family Wealth Management", and "Joyful family with only one card on hand" became the most import belief for Industrial Bank to serve market. By providing VIP clients with high-value services, such as individualized golf activities, value-high business insurance, VIP airports pick-up, and international SOS aid, Industrial Bank keeps improving VIP value-added service system and offering clients privileges.

From November 2005 to October 2006, Industrial Bank promoted the event of Golf Year: Free of Green Fees in 12 cities across the nation to cardholders of Black Gold Card and Platinum Card under Family Series Finance Planning Cards. As one of the VIP value-added activities, the event will be held in designated golf courts in 12 cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai , Ningbo , Xiamen , Wuhan , Guangzhou , Quanzhou, Chongqing , Hangzhou , Beijing and Fuzhou . Cardholders of Black Gold Card and Platinum Card could enjoy playing golf with zero green fees at the designated golf courts on weekdays and four weekend days (it is generally fixed to be Saturday and Sunday of the second and third week of each month). Some top clients said the event was very special and attractive as it lasts a long period and covers a wide range of areas, so it shows full respect for the clients. And they promised to bring more friends to become VIP clients of the Wealth Management.

Industrial Bank will organize the first "Wealth Management" VIP Golf Invitational early next month in Shanghai . The tournament will invite celebrities from different fields of the society. The event is also moving to Shanghai International Golf Country Club and Wuhan Honglian Lake Golf Club in December. People in charge of Industrial Bank said the bank would promote more value-added services for VIP clients, and to make our lives more natural and better.