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Customer Service Hotline 95561 Awarded “Top 10 Service Brand in China”

The bank's Customer Service Hotline 95561 was awarded “Top 10 Service Brand in China ” in the convention of “2006 China Customer Care & Service Brand Recommendation” held in Beijing .

The bank's customer service center, set up in Nov 2003, provided continuously the customers with round-year services in personal banking, credit card, corporate banking, institutional banking and information consulting via the nationwide customer service hotline 95561. The five numbers 95561 also symbolized the hotline's brand connotation, that is, 9 service features, leading in the Natural Life services; 5 service modes, delivering service into happy families; 5 security measures, guarding safe banking anywhere; 6-heart service, excelling five-star service; and, 1-key VIP green channel.

Centering the brand strategy of “Service makes brand, and brand generates revenue”, the bank's customer service center had been enhancing its service level and enriching the hotline's brand connotation since its foundation. All the efforts had been rewarded by the hotline's outstanding performance in recent years. In 2005, the hotline earned the title of "Top 10 Satisfactory Brand of Service Quality Management" and the title of “Top 10 Influential Brand of China's Financial Call Center ”. And in 2006, the hotline was rated as the "Top 10 Service Brand in China 2006" and the "Golden Service Unit with Outstanding Service, Sound Credit and Excellent Public Appraise".