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E-Banking Business: Rapid Development Continued

Recently, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. received the “2006 China Internet Banking Function Innovating Award” issued by CFCA and the title of the “Most Convenient Banking Website” granted by the Rating Committee of China's Outstanding Financial and Security Websites. These honors, together with another two noteworthy titles, “China's Outstanding E-business Enterprise” and “China's E-business Success Paradigmatic Enterprise”, awarded by the E-business Association of China in Sep 2006, demonstrated obviously that the bank's outstanding performance in the field of electronic banking and electronic business had earned sufficient respects from the whole e-business industry.

The bank had been actively promoting e-banking innovations and achieved a lot in recent years. Firstly, the bank had successfully established an integrated e-banking platform, comprised by Internet Banking “CIB Online”, Telephone Banking “CIB Hotline” and Mobile Banking “CIB Wireless”, to provide comprehensive financial services. Secondly , the bank had rolled out, firstly in the industry, a set of Internet banking service standards and service system, the “Five Star Navigation”. Thirdly, the bank had introduced an array of innovating e-banking products, such as the flexible Funds Management Solutions for Group Corporations, Electronic Subaccount, Receipt Inquiry, Bank-Fund Business, IB E-card, etc. Fourthly, the bank had made strategic corporations with a series of first-class partners, including speciality e-business websites, the third-part payment platforms, speciality information websites and mobile payment service providers, to enhance the added value of e-banking services. And in 2006, the bank launched its brand-new Mobile Banking, composed of WAP mobile banking, KJAVA mobile banking, SMS banking and Mobile Payment Platform.

In this way, the bank's e-banking business had made rapid developments in recent years. And this trend continued in 2006. It was said that the accumulated transaction volume of the bank's corporate Internet banking in 2006 had exceeded 2,000 billion yuan, increased by 2 times than that of 2005, the accumulated transaction volume of the bank's personal Internet banking in 2006 had reached 35.2 billion yuan, upped by 7 times, and telephone banking, 2 billion yuan, upped 6 times. Moreover, total transactions proceeded by Internet banking had surpassed 20% of the overall transactions of the bank.