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IB Harvested 4 Titles in “2006 Financial and Economic Award List”

The awards of “Top Financial and Economic Awards 2006” hosted by Hexun.com were unveiled in Beijing recently. In this year's event, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. harvested 4 titles, including “Outstanding Banking Service 2006” , “Best Customer Experience of Internet Banking 2006”, “Outstanding Banking Promotion (Credit Card) in 2006” and“Wealth Management of Most Valuable Investment  (Foreign Wealth Management) .

The annual selection event of “Top China Financial and Economic Awards ”, presented both a review of the achievements in the last year and a preview of the future development in financial industry, were voted online by Internet users. And in this year, the voting volume historically exceeded 2 million. Compared with the past, this year's awards were designed to take more consideration of customer experience. The winning of the 4 titles demonstrated evidently that the bank's strength, products and services had earned market recognition and customer affirmation, and that the bank's market influence and reputation had been elevating continuously.

The bank had just concluded A-share IPO. As the first big cap financial stock and the first listed stock in 2007, total funds frozen by the bank's IPO reached 1.16 trillion yuan, among which for 0ffline alotment came to 224.044 billion yuan, and for online offering arrived at 937.359 billion, both hitting historically high records in China's capital markets. According to the schedule, the bank's A-share stock would be listed in Shanghai Securities Exchange on Feb 5. It was very promising that the bank's market value would rank in the forefront among internal banks then.