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IB Achieves “Best CRM Application Award”

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. (IB) has recently been listed as “China IPOWER500 2006” by China National Informatization Evaluation Center (NIEC), and achieved the special award of China IPOWER500 2006 – “Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application Award”.


Sponsored by NIEC, the selection activity of China IPOWER500 performs overall evaluation on Informatization targeting large and medium-sized enterprises in China. Adopting comprehensive index comprising both quantitative and qualitative approaches, which giving priority to the quantitative approach, the selection activity has topped its field with irrefragable authority and professionalism. Thus, IB, the sole bank receiving “Best CRM Application Award”, has been proven crowning achievements in terms of CRM application and given extensive recognition and acknowledgement by the industry.


Recent years saw perseverant efforts of IB in strengthening the development and further application of CRM system. Based on enterprise-oriented database, the bank has constructed a relative complete CRM system integrating collection, exchange, analysis and application of customer information. The further application of CRM system avails to effective inter-linked distribution channels, covering counter service, ATM, online banking, call center and mobile banking, greatly improves customer service and promotes unified customer experience in multiple channels. The system lays a foundation stone underpinning a rapid expansion of the entire business and the transformation bringing off customer-oriented operation.TOP