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Garfield Credit Card: Cardholders' Favorite Cartoon Series

The results of the recent first China Credit Card Charts were unveiled in Beijing . The Garfield Credit Card issued by Industrial Bank (IB) was awarded the Cardholders' Favorite Cartoon Card, another prize given after the title of "Best Card Design of the Year" by MasterCard International in 2005, “Outstanding Garfield Bank Card” by PAWS and the “Best Card Promotion of the Year” b y MasterCard International in 2006.

The event is sponsored by Shangno Group ( www.51credit.com ) and the Metropolitan Channel of China Central People's Radio. The result, presented by CIIC & COMR Group of Shanghai , is an outcome of a three-month broad survey in questionnaires by over 20,000 cardholders from more than 100 cities in China , concentrating multiple ranking indexes. The charts reflect no ultimate official utterance but true individual experiences of cardholders. Being given the award of Cardholders' Favorite Cartoon Card, IB demonstrates its strength in continuous breakthroughs in ideas, shape design and front design of credit cards, as well as a wide recognition from market for its products.

IB debuted Garfield Series in September 2005. As the first cartoon particularly-shaped credit card issued in China , so far the series have met its 300,000 th item in circulation. In August 2006, China 's credit card portal www.51credit.com promoted a joint launch with IB to extend online application for Garfield Series Credit Cards. The move opens wider access to credit card application and approval through the Internet, stirring a huge sensation and is attributed to as a landmark event in marketing and promotion of credit cards in China . In this April, IB issued Garfield Love, another brilliant work of the series with distinctive features for lovers, which has facilitated a further innovative development for domestic credit card market.