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IB wins Innovation Awards for Year of Joint Credit Construction 2006

Sole financial institution included


Sponsored by scores of organizations, including Credit Research Center of Peking University, China International Economics, Technology, Law and Human Resources Association, Standard & Poor's, Sohu, China Association of Logistics, China Association of Electronic Commerce and China Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, China April 16 Summit on Credit 2007 and Publicity of Recommended Organization for the Year of Joint Credit Construction 2006 was held recently in Beijing. Industrial Bank (IB) was the sole financial instruction wining the Innovation Awards.

As one of the nation's Top 10 commercial banks, IB has taken full advantage of its credit creation and resource allocation, spared no effort in promoting domestic credit construction. In recent years in particular, IB has kept pace with the fast economic and financial development in the country, followed the trend of domestic credit construction, advanced innovation of financial products, brought forth high-quality credit subjects in the society and promoted the construction of social credit system.