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Auto Card Benefits Auto fans

( April 22, 2007 , Shenzhen) Industrial Bank (IB) issued Auto Card today simultaneously in four cities of Shenzhen, Xiamen , Zhengzhou and Ji'nan, with the launch ceremony held in Shenzhen. Cardholders will be able to enjoy a bunch of value-added services, such as a subsidy of 0.2 RMB Yuan per liter gas, discounts on car insurance, VIP services in airports, an air-travel accident insurance worth 2 million RMB Yuan and exemption of annual fee for first year. As the integration of auto and financial industries goes on to a deeper level, the issuing of the Auto Card marks a higher standard of auto financial service in China .

Reports say novel and direct auto financial services will be available for cardholders of the newly issued Auto Card, such as a subsidy of 0.2 RMB Yuan per litter gas and a 30% discount in buying car insurance. In virtue of the “Score-rewarded Consumption” service initiated by IB, they can even use rewarded scores for paying gas fees. Such “Turning Rewarded Scores into Cash” idea makes the credits reward system more open to the public.

Auto Card can be divided into two categories, namely, Premiere Card for cardholders with 1.6-liter-or-above engines and Elite Card for engines below 1.6 liters. Besides rich benefits, cardholders will be attended as VIPs in 16 airports of 15 cities nationwide and enjoy priority wealth management services and regional benefits as VIPs in part of IB branches and offices. Moreover, with its sole luminous front design, the card fully emits the charm of cardholders' exalted class and vogue taste.

Ye Zhongling, the General Manager of IB Credit Card Center says, IB has long advocated the idea of “Wise consumption, Natural Life”. The issuing of Auto Series marks not only IB's priority in meeting clients' individualized demand, but a higher level of financial service for the auto industry, as well as a new chapter of cooperation among China's auto, insurance and banking industries in integration of services.

Founded in 1998, IB sets up its headquarters in Fuzhou , Fujian , and successfully landed on domestic capital market in 2007 with excellent business performance. The Credit Card Center of IB was founded in July 2004 in Shanghai , and issued a number of new products with market influence, including QQ Show Credit Card and Wuhan Zhuangsheng Department Store Credit Card. The center is also well acknowledged by its “Score-rewarded Consumption” and “Score-rewarded Advance” services. Along with a great step forward for its innovative power and comprehensive business operations, IB will continue to devote full energy to providing all-round, excellent and trustful services for all clients.