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IB Charity Education Fund Kicks off

In the morning of June 7, donating ceremony for “IB Charity Education Fund” is held in Fuzhou. Industrial Bank (IB) will donate RMB 10 million to assist outstanding impoverished students in five universities, Xiamen University , Fuzhou University , Fujian Normal University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Jimei University .

Gao Jian Ping, the Board Chairman of IB, speaks at the donating ceremony. He expresses that IB has kept speedy and sound momentum boost since its foundation. So far, IB has breached its assets scale to RMB 700 billion and been listed among top 10 commercial banks across the country. The grow-up of enterprise roots in the progress and development of the whole society. Thus, participating in public benefit activities, reciprocating society are not only the obligatory responsibility of IB but also the effective accesses to the harmonious development for enterprises and society. This charity education fund is supposed to assist impoverished university students in a conceivable range, to promote the development of educational career, and to cultivate the talents for our country.

It was said that IB has been endeavoring to public benefit activities to reciprocate society since its foundation, including imbursing designated village, supporting restoration in disaster areas, running “Youth Concern Scholarship” jointly with Fujian China Youth Concern Committee, and so on. Through the working platform of Fujian Provincial Charity Federation, the newly run “IB Charity Education Fund” is planning to donate RMB 10 million to assist 100 impoverished students each year in 5 Fujian provincial universities within 5 years.