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Ground Breaking Ceremony for IB Shanghai Operational Center Officially Held in Shanghai

10:00 AM of June 7, 2007, ground breaking ceremony for Industrial Bank (IB) Shanghai Operational Center was officially held in Shanghai Zhangjiang Bank Card Industrial Park. Over 30 persons, including officials from Shanghai CBRC, Shanghai Financial Service Office, Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission, Shanghai Pudong Government, and Shanghai Pudong Development and Reform Commission, vice president of IB kang Yukun, representatives from Zhangjiang Industrial Park, Bank Card Industrial Park, and other financial institution, attended the ceremony.

It reports that IB Shanghai Operational Center will undertake the important background support for IB's core data processing, management of information system, e-banking, and credit card business, nationwide customer service, R&D, product innovation and professional training. Basing on the financial information industrial base of Pudong, the finished Shanghai Operational Center will take full advantage of Shanghai's position as financial information industrial center to achieve IB's strategic development goal of fast growing.

Kang Yukun, Vice President of IB spoke at the ground breaking ceremony. He expressed that IB had full confidence in the development of financial information industrial base of Shanghai and it was IB's honor to be a member of the industrial base. He also expressed that from its foundation, IB had been insisting to the operational idea of “Service Starts with Sincerity”, endeavoring to offer all-round high-quality and high-efficiency financial service for its customers. Recent years had seen IB's momentum boost in a nationwide range. Through the background operation supported by Shanghai Operational Center, the need for IB's nationwide management even global-wide management in the future would be satisfied, and the prosperity of the financial information industrial base of Shanghai, which having Zhangjiang Bank Card Industrial Park as its center, would be stimulated as well.

Relevant leaders of Shanghai government sent warm congratulations to the ground breaking ceremony of IB Shanghai Operational Center. They expressed that they would continue to show their concern on and support the construction of IB Shanghai Operational Center, would create favorable conditions, supply favorable service to ensure the implementation of the construction.