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Online Banking Certification System Gets All-round Upgrade

Online Banking Safety at the Industrial Bank Stays a Step Ahead

Industrial Bank performed an all-round upgrade of its online banking certification system in recent days. The new digital certification system developed by the China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) has been chosen for the new system. Being included in the nation's 863 High-tech Research and Development Program, this digital certification system has made large improvements in security and stability. Access speeds and ease of used are also better than before.

The security of transactions is the biggest concern of internet banking users. Activating online banking digital certification with the Industrial Bank in effect provides users with their own “online electronic ID card”.

The transaction process has multiple layers of protection: Firstly, two-way identity verification is performed by the online bank and the user's digital certificate, so as to ensure that the transaction order has in fact come from the certificate holder. Secondly, the digital certificate protects the transaction order by means of digital signature and highly secure data encryption, thus ensuring that the transaction order is not decrypted or modified by hackers during the sending process. Thirdly, the user can apply to have multiple account numbers “tied” to a single certificate; funds are not permitted to be transferred out of accounts that have been tied to a certificate online without using the certificate. This not only makes it easier for users to manage multiple accounts but also makes online transactions more secure. Corporate and personal users that have Industrial Bank digital certificates will be able to enjoy the easy, comprehensive and secure online banking services offered by the Industrial Bank at home, in the office or even on the road. Users no longer have to make a time-consuming trip to the bank to handle everyday transactions such as account transfers, bill payments and wealth management.

The bank has recently launched a promotional campaign entitled “Certificate Convoy, Worriless E-travel”, which aims to promote the use of online banking digital certificates and raise people's awareness of online banking security. The campaign is set to go on for six months. Users that apply for a personal online banking certificate during this period will be entitled to certificate services free of charge for 2 years. Black Gold and Platinum card holders that apply for a personal mobile certificate are also entitled to a free “NetShield ” USB key. Users can store their certificates on the USB key, which is easy to carry around, much like a key. Furthermore, the USB key cannot be copied from, which means that the certificate is safe from hackers and viruses such as trojan. The USB key is not affected when a computer hard drive is formatted or the operating system is reinstalled, which makes it the top guarantee of online security.