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Bank Chairman Gao Jianping Wins Robert A. Mundell World Executive Award

September 20, 2007, the presentation ceremony for the 4th Robert A. Mundell World Executive Awards was held in grand style in Hong Kong. Industrial Bank Chairman Gao Jianping was among the recipients of this prestigious award. The Awards were presented to the recipients by famous international economists, including former Nobel laureates in economics Robert A. Mundell (1999 winner), Thomas C. Schelling (2005 winner) and Edmund S. Phelps (2006 winner).

The Robert A. Mundell World Executive Award is regarded as one of the most important prizes in China 's economic, managerial and commercial circles. It is aimed at commending elites from economic, managerial and commercial sectors that have made outstanding achievements as well as notable contributions to society. The awards were conceived by Mundell authorized publications “World Executive” and “Mundell” Magazine (Chinese Edition) as well as the World Executive website and are organized in conjunction with over 50 major media organizations, including CCTV, the Economic Daily News and the Columbia Journalism Review (Chinese Edition). The awards boast a top panel of nomination experts and judges that is made up of 100 economics and media experts, including finance and economics journalists, guild leaders, economists, management scholars, business school principles and consultant company presidents.