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Share the Prestige of a Platinum Card with Your Family

Industrial Bank Launched First Platinum Credit Card themed “Family Care”

(November 6th, 2007, Shanghai) After announcing that its issue of credit cards had surpassed the 2 million mark back in August, the Industrial Bank declared today that it would be releasing a Platinum Credit Card across the nation. This move signifies that the Industrial Bank has formally entered the high-end credit card market. What makes the Industrial Bank's Platinum Card stand out from others in the market is that it is the first to embody the concept of “Platinum Life, Prestigious Family”. This makes it the first platinum credit card in the Chinese market to boast a “Family Care” theme.

Platinum cards have previously been launched by several Chinese Banks. As one of the 10 major credit card issuers in China, it is only natural that there would be a great deal of interest and curiosity surrounding the Industrial Bank's first platinum card, particularly regarding the special services and privileges that define it from the crowd. Yan Xuewang, General Manager of the Industrial Bank Credit Card Center stated “The Platinum Card is aimed at high-end clients who enjoy high salaries and a certain status in society. These clients, in fact, already have access to numerous kinds of VIP treatment through other channels, but the question is how can such distinguished and attentive services be made available to their loved ones too, allowing them to share the joy of success and the respect that comes with it? This is a pressing demand of high-end clients that has not yet been addressed, and herein lies the enormous potential of the Industrial Bank's Platinum Card”.

It is understood that the Industrial Bank has developed a range of special privileges entitled “6+1” for its Platinum Card with the aforementioned market demands in mind. Specifically, “6+1” refers to six special privileges and one client reward offer. The majority of these service items have been designed around the theme of “Family Care”, with each item being unique in its own right.

These six special privileges are as follows: Firstly, platinum card holders are entitled to “Airport VIP Treatment”, which gives them access to VIP rooms and VIP channels at 17 airports across the nation on an unlimited basis, with the added bonus of being able to take family members along as well. Secondly, ‘Diamond Class Health Services” gives card holders and their family members access to VIP-only channels, free health check-ups and free teeth polishing services at renowned medical institutions. What makes this privilege unique is that it is also available to the family members of card holders, and that health check-ups include highly specialized tests that are not found in average health checks, such as tumor screening and image examinations for breast diseases and cervical diseases. Thirdly, “Golf Free Play” allows card holders to play 365 days a year on the practice courses of over 30 golf clubs nationwide absolutely free. Furthermore, card holders are exempted from paying green fees, or will be able to enjoy a 50% discount on green fees at a large number of golf clubs. Fourthly, “Easy Credit Adjustment” is unique in that the card holder can set the amount of available credit of the main card or family member cards as desired and at any time (within a predefined scope). This service affords both convenience and safety. In addition to the services above, the Industrial Bank Platinum Card also comes with high-value traffic accident insurance, a “Family Secretary” service and a gold reward scheme for clients whose use of the card exceeds a certain quota. Moreover, Industrial Bank is also offering a special service hotline, 400-88-95561, for Platinum Card holders.

Mr. Yan Xuewang went on to say that “The number of credit cards issued by the Industrial Bank exceeded the 2 million mark in August, which means that we have built-up a solid client base. In the interests of further improving our product chain, it became inevitable that the bank would enter the high-end credit card market at this stage. The reason that the Industrial Bank has designed its first platinum card with a family theme is two-fold. Firstly, it is an innovative move by the bank in its credit card business that aims to respond to the market demand. Secondly, the card's theme goes hand in hand with the family-based brand concept of Industrial Bank's “Natural Life ” Wealth Management Card, meaning that the bank has achieved sound brand-linking between debit and credit cards. At the Industrial Bank, we believe that family is the most important emotional foundation in life, and that harmonious family life is a prerequisite of a harmonious society. With an increasingly wealthy population and ever improving standards of living, high-end clients are attaching more and more significance to the quality and value of family life. The Industrial Bank's Platinum Credit Card comes with a dedication to helping clients achieve a happy and harmonious family life. This is a line of development that the bank will show long-term commitment to”.