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Industrial Bank Named the “Best Domestic Bank”

The results of the CBN Financial Brand Ranking 2007 were unveiled in Beijing on November 2nd. Industrial Bank was honored the “Best Domestic Bank” by the renowned financial newspaper, the China Business News (CBN).

The CBN Financial Brand Ranking 2007 included awards in five major categories as well as six individual awards. The five major categories included: 10 Best Domestic Banks, 10 Best Securities Companies, 10 Best Fund Management Companies, 10 Best Insurance Companies and the 5 Best Foreign Banks. The six individual awards included the Development Potential Award for Foreign Commercial Bank as well as the Development Potential Award for Chinese Commercial Bank.

As the major independent adjudicator, CBN adopted scientific systems from foreign financial institutions for the research of competitiveness and brand value, which they then modified to make more suited to China . The appraisal was approached from two directions, i.e., shareholders and consumers, and rated those financial institutions with the best performance indexes in the Chinese market from 2006-2007. So far, this is China 's first authoritative and comprehensive financial band ranking put together by a financial media outlet, covering both domestic and overseas banking, insurance, fund and securities brands.