About IB

IB "E-house" - A Good Assistant to Real Estate Purchase

Recently, the online bank of the Industrial Bank Co., Ltd has launched a comprehensive service channel, i.e. “CIB ONLINE” e-house, where real estate information is available and mortgage loans are handled. In such a way customers are able to enjoy convenient estate financial services without leaving their homes. This is another new measure taken by IB with a view to building a “one-stop” online financial comprehensive service platform.

CIB ONLINE” e-house innovates the financial service mode for domestic real estate and is the first to effectively integrate professional estate information with bank financial services, which not only satisfies people's diverse demands, but also enhances the capability of IB's online bank for value-added services. Currently, “CIB ONLINE” e-house is built with a fairly comprehensive real estate data, which is not only inclusive of details of over 45,000 estate projects all over the country, but is also equipped with a powerful search engine for fast and precise quarter search. After logging onto “CIB ONLINE” e-house, customers are in a position to (1) run through updates of nationwide quarters as well as IB's quarters under mortgage; (2) keep informed of the latest developments of real estate and policies and regulations; (3) know about knowledge and information closely related to real estate such as estate purchase and decoration; in the meanwhile, it is also possible for customers to apply for mortgage online, check application progress, tentatively calculate loan interest and to enjoy real estate financial services.

In recent years, IB has always adhered to giving top priority to satisfying customers' demands and made full use of its core advantages on online payment to break through traditions and blaze new trails. To keep expanding the breadth and depth of online services and make “CIB ONLINE” a good assistant in the daily life, estate purchase and financial planning of ordinary people, IB draws upon each other's strengths with famous domestic internet enterprises such as TENCENT, CTRIP, SUNING, TAOBAO, RISING, 9588.com. It is noted that aside from “e-shop”, customers can also be advised at any time of the latest information regarding stock, funds, bonds, gold, insurance as well as financial planning. With “CIB ONLINE”, it is also possible for customers to enjoy numerous services, including online business and travel services integrating professional online ticketing, hotel reservation and tourism, buying electrical home appliances at suningshop.com, charging Q coin of TENCENT, paying for the compulsory and accident insurances while buying cars, welfare lotteries, checking on housing funds and weather information across the country.