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CIB ONLINE Named “The Best Internet Bank”

In recent days, the Industrial Bank's internet bank stood out from the crowd to claim the title “Best Internet Bank” in the 9th “China Outstanding Financial and Securities Websites” contest held by Securities Times . This success is attributed to the powerful functions and high-level security of the service. This is yet another major award claimed by the bank, and comes in the wake of the “Comprehensive Development Prize for China Online Banking” and “Prize for Innovation in Chinese Internet Banking” awarded by the CFCA as well as the “Best User Experience Prize of Chinese Internet Banking” awarded by Hexun.com. This award shows that the industry has recognized the achievements that the Bank has made in e-banking and e-commerce.

The China Outstanding Financial and Securities Websites contest is now regarded as an authority on the appraisal of financial websites in China . The contest added the appraisal of commercial bank websites as a sub-event in 2004. With the theme of “innovation”, this year's contest was a showdown between over 500 financial organizations, including securities companies, banks, fund companies, insurance companies, trust companies and futures companies. The scale of this year's event and the scope of its influence easily outdid any past event.

Recipient of the “Best Internet Bank” award, the bank's internet banking has been among the fastest growing in the industry over the past few years. By the end of August this year, the cumulative transactions of corporate internet banking had exceeded RMB 8 trillion Yuan, with the number of users exceeding 30,000. In terms of personal internet banking, cumulative transactions exceeded RMB 125.8 billion Yuan with a total of 1.31 million users.

The Industrial Bank has made major efforts to develop e-banking over recent years. It has independently developed a compressive e-banking financial service platform that consists of three major service brands: “Online CIB” internet banking, “Hotline CIB” telephone banking and “Wireless CIB” mobile phone banking. Transactions made though e-banking channels already account for 35% of the bank's business.

The Industrial Bank is actively expanding the boundaries of its e-banking services. It is founding partnerships with a number of organizations to achieve more comprehensive operation. By continuing to increase the added value of services, it hopes to turn e-banking into a major driving force behind the development of the bank and a new way of increasing profits. For clients, it will offer everything that they “desire whole life, need whole life.”