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IB Customer Service Center becomes 5-Star CCCS Certified

October 20, the Industrial Bank's customer service center (95561) officially passed the 5-Star certification of the CCCS (Customer Contact Center Standard) system. To add to this achievement, the center was also named “2008 Best Call Center in China” by the China Call-Center & CRM Association.

The customer contact center standard system is an industry guideline for the operation of customer service and call centers. The standard was formulated by China CRM Committee CFIP in conjunction with leading customer service providers and operators in the field. The standard has since been promulgated and implemented by the China Federation of IT Promotion as a state level industry guideline. Much more than just an industry standard for call centers in China, CCCS acts as a customer oriented tool for the management and regulation of operations performance, which plays a major role in enhancing the customer service performance and competitiveness of companies.

According to people from the China CRM Committee CFIP, the customer service center of the Industrial Bank (95561) is one of the few customer service centers in China to have passed CCCS 5-star certification. Successful CCCS certification means that the Industrial Bank has succeeded in establishing a comprehensive, systematic, standardized and highly efficient model for the management of operations performance. It shows that the Industrial Bank has taken yet another major step in specializing and normalizing its customer services.

The Industrial Bank's customer service center has been putting customers first since its establishment in 2003. The center is dedicated to offering increasingly specialist services in an increasingly wide scope in order to meet the always diversifying demands of clients. Today, the center has a team of 600 employees, 420 of which are service representatives. The center provides a comprehensive range of banking services covering personal banking, credit card banking, corporate banking and banking information. This means that clients can conduct all manner of transactions without needing to step a foot out of the door, such as making enquiries, arranging transfers, making payments, purchasing government bonds, transferring between bank and securities, conducting funds and foreign exchange transactions and reporting lost. The center can also provide clients with tailor-made personal wealth management schemes. Moreover, being true to its philosophy of being people oriented, the center has launched the 95561 Business Travel Hotline, which is a special service system for VIP clients established by the pooling of resources on a wide scale. Providing clients with more value-added services, the system covers a wide array of areas such as health and medical treatment, business travel, insurance, SOS emergency rescue and even booking time on the golf course.

Today, the Industrial Bank's customer service center is much more than j ust the first point of contact between customers and the Bank. It has become a totally comprehensive service platform that performs the functions of a consultation center, an affairs processing and handling centre, a customer care center, a marketing center, a wealth management center and a fee collection center. Having passed the 5-Star certification of the CCCS system, the Industrial Bank has firmly established itself as one of the leading customer service and call center operators in the industry. It also means that the Bank's customer service center has come to symbolize top quality banking services.