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IB Wins Big at the 2007 China Investor Relations Awards

The winners of the 2007 China Investor Relations Awards were announced in Beijing on November 30, 2008. The event was sponsored by the China IRM Research Center for Listed Companies. The Industrial Bank emerged as a big winner at the event, claiming a total of three major awards, namely: Runner-up of Top 100 Chinese Companies for Investor Relations, the Best Communicator and the Best Social Responsibilities Contributor.

Deemed as China's most authoritative appraisal for the investor relations of listed companies, the China Investor Relations Awards was held for the fourth time this year. The event was co-directed by the Shanghai Securities Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Exchange while the evaluation system and academic support was provided by Nanjing University . The appraisal consisted of a comprehensive evaluation of over 1,500 listed (A share) companies in terms of their standard and performance in investor relations management in 2007.

The Industrial Bank came second in the Top 100 rankings with a total score of 80.86. Moreover, the Bank picked-up full marks in a number of sub-appraisals such as Approachability of Senior Management, Information Availability, Communication Responsiveness and IR Organization.

As a company that was only just listed in 2007, The Industrial Bank has already established a sophisticated investor relations management system and organizational framework. Laying stress on communication with investors through multiple channels, the Bank ensures the prompt and transparent disclosure of information and highly efficient feedback. The Bank is continually making efforts to innovate and enhance its investor relations management model. As a dedicated advocate of the philosophy “beneficial relations”, the Industrial Bank carries out socially responsible marketing and is active in fulfilling its responsibilities to society. This way it has founded harmonious relations with a multiplicity of interested parties.