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IB Corporate Banking Commended by Sohu

The grand presentation ceremony for the 2008 Sohu Finance Online Extravaganza was recently held in Beijing. On the strength of CIB Online Five-Star Navigation, a progressive and comprehensive service system for corporate online banking, the Industrial Bank separated itself from the crowd to claim the Award for Excellent Services in Corporate Internet Banking during the event.

The Sohu Finance Online Extravaganza is a major evaluation that has been held for three consecutive years since 2005. In the event, domestic financial organizations are evaluated and commended by category. Evaluation consists of online questionnaires and voting as well as appraisal by industry experts. The appraisal receives a great amount of attention from web users and the results are considered highly authoritative. The Award for Excellent Services in Corporate Internet Banking won by the Industrial Bank at the event does a great deal to demonstrate the extent that users relate to the quality of corporate internet banking services provided by the Bank.

The Industrial Bank launched its corporate internet banking service back in December 2000. Since then, the service has been upgraded and improved on an almost constant basis. The platform brings together a total of 213 financial services that fall into 11 major categories, including account enquiry, transfer payment, wages payment, batch payment, corporate account statements, corporate financing, gold trading, third-party depository, group services, virtual sub-account, inter-bank funds management and Easy Trade.

In addition to constantly improving the functions offered by its corporate internet banking service, the Industrial Bank has gone a step further. Guided by the principle of putting clients first, the Bank was among the first to discover a change in the demands that corporate clients had of internet banking services as times progressed. On this basis, the Bank conducted a total overhaul and upgrade of its corporate banking services, which culminated in the launch of a service system to corporate online banking known as the CIB Online Five-Star Navigation. The system aims to provide clients with an integrated service platform, a professional service team, a standard service process, the sincere commitment and the secure service on e-road. This is intended to satisfy the demands of clients. This was the first online banking service brand and service standard in China. With its powerful functions and progressive service concepts, the Industrial Bank's corporate banking service has won a string of awards in independent evaluations and appraisals over the past few years.

The Industrial Bank has made major efforts to develop e-banking over recent years. It has independently developed a comprehensive e-banking financial service platform that consists of three major service brands: “CIB Online” internet banking, “CIB Hotline” telephone banking and “CIB Wireless” mobile banking. At present, transactions made though e-banking services already account for 35% of the bank's business. The Industrial Bank is actively expanding the boundaries of its e-banking services by founding partnerships with a number of organizations to promote comprehensive operation. By continuing to increase the added value of services, it hopes to turn e-banking into a major driving force behind the development of the bank and a new way of increasing profits. For clients, it will offer everything that they desire and need for lifelong time.