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Lending Continuous Support to Economy in Northwest China, Industrial Bank Got the Approval to Establish Xining Branch

A few days ago, the reporter learnt from Industrial Bank (IB) that China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) had approved the Bank to prepare for the establishment of IB Xining Branch, which would be its 42nd Class I branch and the 4th branch in Northwest China.

Vice Governor Gao Yunlong of Qinghai Province expressed his welcome for IB to establish its branch in the province, hoping that the Bank could, after entering Qinghai, bring into play its advantages in integrated financial services, multiplied product supplies and risk control priority, and provide strong financial support for the social and economic development of the province.

The establishment of IB Xining Branch will be helpful for the Bank to increase its outlet concentration in Northwest China and improve its capacity to serve the economic development of the region. IB will accelerate the preparation of IB Xining Branch and strive to establish a position in Qinghai and get incorporated into and serve the province, thus infusing new power of financial service for the economic construction of the province.

By the end of 2013, IB has set up 98 branches (including 39 Class I branches and 59 Class II branches) and 826 sub-branches in the major economic centers around China, basically accomplishing a structural layout in provincial capitals and sub-provincial cities. At present, IB Haikou Branch and its first oversea branch – IB Hong Kong Branch are also in busy preparation.