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Making Frequent Endeavors Oriented at Internet Finance, Industrial Bank Upgraded its e-mall Again

After releasing the internet wealth management brand “Money Manager” and innovative internet banking product “e-family wealth”, Industrial Bank (IB) made another endeavor in internet finance again on January 25, upgrading its “e-mall” in a brand-new way to further extend its service coverage of virtual channels and improve customer experience. Meanwhile, considering the consumption demands of customers during the upcoming Spring Festival, the Chinese lunar new year of horse, the Bank also launched a range of promotions for shopping in the e-mall, enabling customers to experience the convenience and benefits of internet shopping fully.

Upon the upgrade, the e-mall of IB further integrates e-commerce resources and extends the consumption service channels. As learnt by the reporter from the Electronic Banking Department of IB, the upgraded e-mall of the Bank, in collaboration with a number of famous e-commerce websites at home, has more than 10 service channels including group purchase, top-up, business travel, lottery, life, clothes, general merchandise, food, digital products, flower and gifts, and housing, and assembles various information on clothing, food, house and travel, intending to meet the stay-at-home demands of customers for convenient life at one stop.

Internet users attach more importance on the further improvement of user experience. In terms of webpage design, the new version of IB e-mall draws on the style of “shopping assistant oriented e-commerce website”, divides segments more clearly while increasing the information capacity, and simplifies the purchasing procedure, enabling customers to search and locate articles in a faster manner and operate in an easier way. In addition, the e-mall also supports payment with wealth management card or credit card, and has credit card installment accessible. If a cardholder purchases something worth more than RMB 100 on the e-mall of IB, he or she may apply for consumption installment.

In the meantime, this upgrade of IB e-mall is also accompanied with diversified promotional activities for internet shopping upon the Spring Festival”, a big “gift package” with a great variety of preferential offers, such as immediate deduction of ticket price for purchase of air ticket, gift or fivefold rewarded points for given transaction amount, post-free delivery and deduction of RMB 200 for purchase of gold, topping up RMB 100 with only RMB 98 via mobile internet banking, and lottery offered free of charge. In addition, both new and old customers applying for installments with credit cards may also enjoy the preferential treatments including offers of phone fee, fuel service card, and twofold rewarded points.

The evolution of IB e-mall serves as a mirror for the constant exploration and innovation of the Bank in the fields of internet finance and e-commerce in recent years. In 2008, IB, catching the trends of popularization of internet technology and flourishing of e-commerce observantly, organized the contest of innovation in internet finance and e-commerce across China to explore the breakthrough in the model of electronic banking service. In 2009, adopting the construction model of open internet e-commerce, IB took the lead to launch the “e-mall” in the banking community through sharing resources and complementing respective advantages in collaboration with famous e-commerce websites, thus expanding its electronic banking service space at a fast rate. Since 2011, following the tenet of improving service quality and enhancing customer experience, the Bank has reformed and upgraded its e-commerce three times, witnessing significant growth in customer visits and trading volume. Apart from building an “e-mall” integrating shopping and payment, IB has also actively pushed the development of electronic banking channels including mobile banking, and WeChat banking, etc., with a variety of innovative electronic banking products in incubation waiting for launching.

Along the development of broadband transmission, mobile internet, cloud computing and big data, internet and finance will become increasingly blended with each other in the future, and the banking products, businesses and services will inevitably become more “internetize”. The person-in-charge of the Electronic Banking Department of IB indicates that the Bank is actively exploring building a one-stop integrated service platform of internet finance to provide customers, both personal and corporate, with all-sided internet finance solutions by first addressing the forefront of customers' demands.