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The Brand Value of Industrial Bank Rose to No. 64 among Global Banks

Recently, in the ranking of “Top 500 Banking Brands 2014” released by the British  The BankerIndustrial Bank (IB) move up 24 positions to No. 64 with its brand value hitting USD 3.276 billion, an increase of USD 1.2 billion, ranking No. 8 among China’s banks in the list and No. 3 among China’s joint-stock banks in the list. It is the fourth consecutive year that the Bank has made itself one of the world’s top 100 banking brands.

IB has adhered to the road of differentiated business operation over years. Not only has it taken the lead to become China’s only Equator Bank adopting the Equator Principles, but has also made some characteristic brands represented by “green finance” and “bank-bank platform”. With the effect of business transformation and group-based operation showing up gradually, the bank’s brand image and market position keeps rising constantly. Since its first presence in the ranking of Top 100 Banking Brands of the British The Banker in 2011, IB has kept lifting its rank in the list, rising to No. 97 in 2012, No. 88 in 2013, and No. 66 in 2014, a significant elevation of 36 positions during 4 years. 

The ranking of “Top 500 Financial Brands”, initiated by The Banker in collaboration with the famous British independent brand value research institution, Brand Finance, is released annually on a regular basis, and it is an authoritative brand value ranking widely recognized in the international banking community. The cash flow discounting method is employed in the appraisal, and the brand values of banks are estimated by analyzing financial data, modeling to evaluate the market influence of banks, and establishing brand discounting rates for different banks, etc.