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Industrial Bank Made its Second Presence in the Fortune Global 500 Consecutively, Topping all Banks in Terms of Rank Promotion

On the evening of July 7, Fortune, the US magazine, released the 2014 list of Fortune Global 500 companies. Industrial Bank (IB) made its presence in the list for the second consecutive year, ranking No. 338, up by 90 places compared with the last year. It ranks No. 9 among all Global 500 enterprises and No. 1 among all banks in terms of rank promotion.

As is shown in the list, there are 55 companies in the banking industry around the globe, topping all industries in terms of the total number of companies in the list. Of them, 11 banks are from the Chinese banking industry.

In recent years, in confrontation with the complicated and austere economic and financial situation and increasingly changing market environment, IB adhered to the differentiated business strategies, and kept pushing business transformation, reform of business line specialization, and group-based development, witnessing sturdy growth. According to the annual report of IB, by the end of 2013, the total assets of the group hit RMB 3,677.435 billion, up by 13.12% over the beginning of the year; the operating incomes hit RMB 109.287 billion, a YoY increase of 24.73%. Based on substantial provision and accrual, the net profits attributable to the parent company realized by IB accumulatively across year 2013 amounted to RMB 41.211 billion, a YoY increase of 18.70%. The basic earnings per share hit RMB 2.16, and the net asset value per share RMB 10.49.

The number of Chinese companies listed this time continued growing robustly, breaking through 100 for the first time, only next to the 128 companies of US. Not only 3 Chinese companies made their presence among the top 10, but one came into the top 3, making the situation where the top 3 are shared by Exxon Mobil, Walmart and Shell respectively a history.

Fortune Global 500 has always been the most famous and authoritative list for evaluation of large companies in the world, and it is known as the “ultimate list”. With companies being ranked in terms of business incomes of a whole financial year, the list is issued each year. The threshold of the list was further elevated by USD 500 million, reaching USD 23.7 billion.