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Industrial Bank Won Five Prizes, Including the “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Brand”

Recently, the “China Wealth Management Summit 2014 and the Award Ceremony for Best Wealth Management Institutions” sponsored by the Securities Times was held in Shenzhen, and the results of appraisal were also revealed. With its outstanding performance in wealth management, Industrial Bank (IB) won five prizes upon the event, including the “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Brand”, the “2014 China Best Open Banking Wealth Management Product”, the “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Product with Fixed Incomes”, the “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Product with Steady Incomes”, and the “2014 Wealth Management Product of Internet Finance with the Greatest Growth Potential”.

With the theme of “Cooperation in Wealth Management under the Greater Assets Management Pattern”, the summit invited leaders from the regulating authorities, executives from the banking industry, experts and scholars to hold discussion on hot topics in the finance industry and voice their opinions, in detail, on the future development directions of wealth management in the banking industry and cooperation and communication among institutions. It is an event drawing great attention in the industry.

In the appraisal, the wealth management products under the operation of IB won five prizes altogether, taking a leading position among banking institutions. As learnt by the reporter, the wealth management product of IB, “WLB”, which won the “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Product”, always adheres to the business concept of “Growing Together with Sincere Service”. Since its launch at the end of 2004, it has witnessed an increasing variety of products and gradually formed a chain of wealth management products featuring risks from low to high. Characterized by flexible design, broad variety, information transparency and normalized management, the brand has received favorable market responses.

The “Cash Treasure No. 1” of IB won the 2014 China Best Open Banking Wealth Management Product. As learnt by the reporter, the products of Cash Treasure family are cash management products that IB designs to meet the dual demands of retail customers for liquidity and profitability. By investing funds of customers in basic assets with steady incomes and low risks, Cash Treasure products feature high liquidity, incremental incomes and low investment risks, offering a safe and effective channel for wealth management and investment for retail customers. Cash Treasure products of IB can realize “T+0” transactions, namely after a customer submits a subscription application on the Tth day, the wealth management income will start to accrue on the T+0th day. The customer can redeem his or her funds within the trading period and the redeemed funds can be received within half an hour. This can significantly improve the customer experience and fully meet the needs of retail customers for cash management.

The “Daily WLB” of IB, as the bank’s most important wealth management brand, won the prize of “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Product with Fixed Incomes” that it really deserves. The greatest feature of the product family is no sale interruption. Breaking away with the restricted sale period and limit for a conventional wealth management product released by a bank, it has wealth management products available to investors each day. Since the launch of its first issue in September 2006, “Daily WLB” has won favorable responses in the national RMB wealth management market with its distinctive features “safety and reliability, cashing on schedule, rate of return outperforming similar products in the market, and high liquidity”, and it is especially suitable for moderate customers pursuing relatively steady returns.

As the wealth management brand in foreign currency released by IB, “Daily WHZ” won the “2014 China Best Banking Wealth Management Product with Steady Incomes” in the appraisal. Making use of the specialized advantages of IB in the field of investment, “Daily WHZ” wealth management products invest the wealth management funds of customers in foreign currency in basic assets with steady expected returns and controllable risks, thus meeting the needs of customers for investment management of funds in different currencies. The product family has received great popularity among customer upon its launch.

Always adhering to the principles of “safety and reliability, advantages in return, rich variety and simple rules”, the wealth management brands of IB have made eye-catching achievements in the market, witnessing fast growth in brand influence. As learnt by the reporter, in the research reports of the first and second quarters of 2014 released by CN Benefit, a Chinese research institution, the rate of return of IB’s wealth management products stayed securely in the top three in the whole industry. Meanwhile, in the 2013 year-end report of CN Benefit on wealth management capacities of banks, all wealth management products of the bank have been provided with well-established risk control measures, achieved desired performance in the aspects of risk control measures, return fulfilling capability, and stability of return, and topped the entire industry in terms of risk control capacity in the Appraisal of Wealth Management Market 2013.