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Industrial Bank Donated RMB 5 million to Assist the Earthquake Hit Ludian Yunnan

On August 3, a Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Ludian County, Zhaotong, Yunnan. To support the earthquake resistance and relief efforts of disaster-stricken region, and help people there rebuild their homes and restore normal production and living order as soon as possible, Industrial Bank (IB) Kunming Branch immediately started the disaster relief mechanism, donating RMB 5 million to Ludian, the disaster hit region.

Meanwhile, all business outlets of IB Kunming Branch set up the “green channel for donation and remittance”, facilitating institutions and individuals to make donation and remittance to the disaster-stricken region. Moreover, the branch also put forward the proposal of disaster relief to its employees. By August 13, the donation made by employees of IB Kunming Branch has reached RMB 123,500.

Though IB has not established any sub-branch in Ludian Yunnan, the bank indicates that, as a responsible corporate citizen, it takes as its incumbent responsibility to assist the disaster hit region, Ludian, and people there. The bank will continue paying close attention to the relief campaign and needs of the region, lend full support to the disaster resistance and relief efforts of the people in the disaster-stricken region, help them rebuild their homes, and survive the disaster together with Ludian.