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With Internet Top-up Available, the 3,500 Sports Lottery Sales Owners Say Goodbye to Running Around and Queuing

-- IB Huhhot Branch released the internet top-up service for sports lottery sales amount

“During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the sports lottery witnessed hot sales and involved large amount. Yet, I could top up whatever amount of money I want at any time, so no matter how many people buy the lottery, I wouldn’t be influenced!” Mr. Li, an owner of a sports lottery sales point in Huhhot gave a demonstration gladly to the reporter on his computer. As was demonstrated, he entered the top-up menu after several taps on the keyboard, and finished the top-up for the sales amount for lottery sale machine within a minute after several clicks at relevant options. “How convenient the internet top-up for lottery sales amount provided by Industrial Bank (IB) is!”

However, the previous top-up process was, in the words of Mr. Li, simply a kind of “torture”. In the event that the sales amount is not enough, he should take cash to the cooperative bank with his sales machine code, and pay the required money over counter after filling the payment warrant. After the business time was over, the bank would send the top-up information to the Sports Lottery Center, which would grant the sales amount to the corresponding sales machine after receiving the top-up information.

“Because the top-up could only be done over bank counter, there was only limited transaction time. Meanwhile, it took a long time to gain the granted amount”, said he helplessly.

The same agony also plagued the Sports Lottery Administration Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. As a public benefit cause, sports lottery has been developing in the region for 18 years. At present, the center has nearly 4,000 lottery sales machines and more than 3,500 owners of lottery sales points. In 2013, the sales volume of sports lottery totaled RMB 2.1 billion.

The director of the sports lottery center told the reporter, “The difficulty in top-up has been changed fundamentally after IB Huhhot Branch customized the internet top-up service for lottery sales amount for us.” Now, owners can stay at home and top up the lottery sales amount by clicking and selecting on computer or mobile phone.

As learnt by the reporter, the foregoing service is rooted in the internet top-up platform for lottery sales amount released by IB, which is a system for ordering sales amount and making online payment to serve the lottery sales merchants. With the system, the lottery sales owners can, anytime and anywhere, log on the website of the local lottery administration center for ordering lottery sales amount via computers, or open the top-up system app with their smart mobile phones, obtain the sales machine information after entering the verification information, fill in the amount to top up, and make online payment.

In order to make sports lottery owners learn the operation for topping up lottery sales amount and enjoy this convenient and efficient product service, IB Huhhot Branch dispatched personnel to give field instructions at the lottery sales outlets, and set up service hotline to respond to questions and consultations of lottery owners. Over the past 3 months after the launch of the service, a total of 25,000 top-up transactions have been handled, with an amount of RMB 71.53 million, greatly boosting the sale of sports lottery.

“Our service supports cards of 20 banks and credit cards of some banks, allows top-up anytime and anywhere, and sets no limit for a single top-up transaction. Through innovation in cash management product, we make our contribution to the public benefit cause of sports lottery with our professional financial service.” said the director of Cash Management Department of the branch.