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Read Your Assets, Increase Your Property

-- Welcome to use the “E-family Wealth” of IB Personal Internet Banking

Do you want to manage your family wealth in a concentrated manner and learn value maintenance and increment at a glance? The “E-family Wealth” of Industrial Bank (IB) can help you to do so easily.  

The “E-family Wealth” is an innovative financial product launched by IB targeting at the need of family wealth management in the age of internet, which integrates five functional modules including e-family account management, e-family wealth overview and analysis, wealth management advice, funds aggregation, and e-family movement. The greatest highlights are value-added services including one-stop unified income and expenditure management of family bank cards and assets, online wealth management planning and wealth management news. 

The “E-family Wealth” of IB has four service features:

The first one is the convenient management of multiple bank accounts. In the “E-family Wealth”, customers may manage their accounts of different banks and check the balances, details and capital flow of all bank accounts at one stop.

The second one is straightforward financial manager view. The E-family Wealth may provide all-sided wealth view and income and expenditure run chart, so one can learn his or her family assets, distribution of debts, and income and expenditure tendency in a period at one glance.

The third one is powerful funds aggregation function. The E-family Wealth provides intra-bank and inter-bank funds aggregation function. In addition, it also allows advance setup, and the system can automatically initiate funds aggregation transactions.

The fourth one is rich and individualized custom service. The E-family Wealth may provide customers with individualized services including recommendation of fund or wealth management products according to their investment appetites and asset-liability of their e-family accounts.