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Industrial Bank Credit Card Center: Thanksgiving Return and Care In Ten-Year Development

In a quiet afternoon of July, Shanghai Gonglu Nursing Home became bustled suddenly, with joyful laughter and applause round after round coming out. In addition, familiar and touching songs could be heard one after another.

The story goes as follows. On that day, 11 volunteers of Industrial Bank (IB) Credit Card Center came to visit the elderly widows and widowers there, staging a spectacular show. The elders sang together with them and were lighted up with great pleasure. After the conclusion of the show, many of the elders were reluctant to leave for a long while. Holding the hands of a volunteer, an old grandma said: “We are very happy that you can come to see us! You are like our family members!”

“Every year, the volunteers of IB Credit Card Center come here many times, and our elders are very familiar with them.” A staff member of the nursing home told the reporter, “they bring fruits and gifts each time and are very patient to the elders". Now, IB Credit Card Center has established a long-term mechanism for volunteer service activities with Gonglu Nursing Home, Huamu Nursing Home, and Beicai Nursing Home.

It is said that it is the 10th anniversary of IB Credit Card Center. Over the past 10 years, the bank issued more than 12 million credit cards, a big growth compared with the 60,000 pieces upon the initiation of the center. With fast growing businesses, the credit card center of the bank has a thanksgiving heart all the time, never forgetting to give return to the society. Apart from the activities including elderly nursing and metro volunteers, which are organized on a regular basis, the center also combines daily business activities with social and public benefit activities, organizing public benefit activities in various forms to perform social responsibilities.

In May 2008, IB released “China Heart Credit Card”, the first one with the theme of patriotism in China, and meanwhile, it launched “China Heart Public Welfare Program” along with the card. Over six years, with the help of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the program has built “sunshine playgrounds” for six poverty-stricken schools in Longlin County, Baise City, Guangxi Province and Yixian County, Hebei Province, solving the problem of lacking sports facilities for local students. In addition, it offered loving packages to all students in the Primary School Attached to Changting Normal School and Datong Dongpu Primary School in Changting County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. Now the donations to "China Heart Public Welfare Program" have reached RMB 375,000.

In May 2013, after the attack of Ya’an Earthquake, IB Credit Card Center, with a view to supporting the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken area, launched the public benefit activity “Yan’an, Push On – Extend Love to Needy Students with Rewarded Points”. The credit card points donated by 9,331 cardholders with love were worth RMB 186,000 in total, and the grants were given to 335 students with excellent academic performance and high morality in the areas seriously affected by the disaster in collaboration with Sichan Poverty Alleviation and Migration Office and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in October. On December 25 of that year, the center released the perennial credit card points based donation program named “Points Based Love” to exchange charity funds with "rewarded points" for credit cards of the bank, providing convenient channels for cardholders to pay attention to and participate in activities for “charity and public benefits”. By the end of August 2014, the donated points were worth about RMB 117,000 in total.

Meanwhile, IB Credit Card Center has also organized a range of activities for social and public benefits, such as “Caring for Autistic Children”, “Extending Love to Langya Mountain with Donations”, “Donation of One-day Incomes from Card Promotion”, and “Donation of Rewarded Points”, to extend love and spread warmth in different ways. Over the past 10 years, the donations for public benefits made by IB Credit Card Center reached RMB 638,500.

“These activities are a kind of education to our employees while extending love and helping the disadvantaged groups.” The person-in-charge of IB Credit Card Center told the reporter that an employee has written as follows in the summary of an volunteer activity – “For a long life, the volunteer activity is only an episode. Yet, in these details and brief time frames, I really realized the social significance of helping and loving others”.  

Attachment: Photos of Public Benefit Activities of IB Credit Card Center

Employees of IB Credit Card Center in the Elderly Nursing Activity

Employees of IB Credit Card Center in the Metro Volunteer Activity