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Industrial Bank Won the “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contribution”

On September 23, China Charity Federation held the “Commemoration for 20th Anniversary of China Charity Federation” and presented the Second “China Charity Awards for Outstanding Contribution” in Beijing. Industrial Bank (IB) won the “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contribution (Organization)”.

It is said that, to further push the development of charity cause, set industrial models and encourage social participation, China Charity Federation (CCF) initiated the appraisal and commendation of the Second “China Charity Awards for Outstanding Contribution” in this April, and selected out organizational and individual winners preliminarily in early September.

Since its founding, IB has always been active in supporting the cause of charity, and has established a three-in-one charity mechanism consisting of “donation for school assistance”, “disaster relief and resistance”, and “poverty alleviation” by way of normal donation and disaster assistance. According to incomplete statistics, IB has donated hundreds of millions of RMB for charity purpose.

Over the 26 years after its founding, IB has kept making donation for school assistance. It has launched the dream plan of “Industrial Bank Charity Grant” for poverty-stricken students, donating a total of RMB 16 million to assist 4,000 students in five universities in Fujian Province and help them finish their schooling since 2007. In addition, the bank has set up the “IB Scholarship for the Wellbeing of the Youth”, donating RMB 1.14 million to reward 1,140 poverty-stricken college students with excellent academic performance and high morality in the latest 5 years.

Upholding the spirit “when disaster strikes, help comes from all sides”, IB has made active contribution in the area of disaster relief and fight against earthquake. One month ago, a Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Ludian County, Yunnan. IB immediately started the disaster relief mechanism, and set the "green channel for donation and remittance”, donating RMB 5 million to Ludian, the disaster hit region, via IB Kunming Branch. On July 24, the bank donated RMB 1 million for the area hit by Typhoon Rammasun in Hainan. Previously, the bank also donated RMB 2 million for the area hit by Typhoon Morakot, RMB 15 million for earthquake-hit area in Yushu, Qinghai, and RMB 20.91 million for the Earthquake-attacked area in Ya'an, Sichuan. Now, IB has established a well-established emergency mechanism for fight against earthquake and disaster relief: After a disaster happens, the bank will open the green channel for remittance for purpose of disaster relief at its first convenience, organize donations by the company and employees, have the disaster-fighting headquarters established by branch in the area hit by the disaster. If it is possible, the bank will also organize volunteers to hurry to the disaster-stricken area for onsite support. In this way, the bank can support people in the disaster-stricken area in the fight against disaster and disaster relief and help them to reconstruct their homes.

At the same time, IB has also intensified its support efforts to the poverty alleviation and development in the poverty-stricken areas. From 2012 to 2015, it has donated and will donate RMB 7.5 million each year (RMB 30 million in total) for the poverty alleviation of Zhenghe County of Fujian Province, a former state-level poverty-stricken county. Starting from 2011, the bank has donated RMB 2.4 million to the two poverty-stricken villages in Fujian Province for the construction of local infrastructure.

Relevant person-in-charge of IB indicated, “In the future, IB will keep increasing investment and mechanism construction in the cause of charity, and form the donation model characterized by multiple channels and types, so as to make contribution to the development of China's charity undertaking.”