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Industrial Bank Serves as the Custodian Bank and a Lead Agency for the First Internet Big Data Fund

From October 20 to 28, the first internet big data index fund based on equity “GF CSI Baidu BAIFA Strategy 100 Index Fund”, for which Industrial Bank (IB) serves as the custodian bank and a lead agency, will be put on sale to the public officially. The initial raising scale limit is RMB 3 billion.

Compared with conventional indexes, GF BAIFA 100 Index, which is jointly released by China Securities Index, Baidu and GF Fund, introduced the big data technology of internet finance into quantitative share selection model for the first time. As an innovative and revolutionary index, it has made eye-catching achievements. The “BAIFA 100 Index” has increased 51.25% by September 30 in this year, indicating that the power of return of big data far outruns the performance of conventional indexes. Since June 20, the firm offer operation of BAIFA 100 Index has fully showcased the feasibility and power of return of this brand-new index investment mode. From June 20 to September 30, 2014, the BAIFA 100 Index has increased 41.35% in accumulation. In the same period, the growth rates of CSI All Share Index, Shanghai-Shenzhen 300, and CSI 500 were respectively 16.81%, 15.24%, and 30.90%.

As a strategic partner of Baidu and GF Fund, IB took the lead in the banking industry to serve as the custodian bank and a lead agency of a financial product of internet big data based on equity, a signal that the bank takes action to march into the sales field of internet fund based on equity. Internet finance products have extended from single products based on monetary fund to those based on equity including stock rights and creditor's rights. In the future, the bank will further develop the areas and customer groups of product investment and bring into full play its “dual-channel” advantages in conventional physical outlets and internet.

As one of the outstanding players in the area of custody business at home, IB becomes the custody bank of the first Chinese internet big data index fund, which is regarded as another breakthrough that the bank makes in the custody of innovative internet fund product.

As learnt by the reporter, IB has witnessed fast growth in the custody business in recent years. Based on the statistics of China Banking Association for the second quarter of this year, by the end of June 2014, the net value of assets custody of the bank hit RMB 3,849.568 billion, witnessing an increase of 24.73% over the beginning of this year. It ranks No. 1 among similar joint-stock banks in this regard.

As pointed out by some analysts, the imagination of China’s fund industry has being unwrapped from the first open-end fund launched in 2001 to the launch of Yu’ebao (balance treasure) in 2013, and an industrial situation which is more vigorous and diversified is coming into existence. Against the age of innovation in internet finance, investment through collection, storage and application of big data represents the future investment orientation.