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The “Enjoyable Life” Pension Finance Service of Industrial Bank Added a Luster to the “Seniors’ Month”

In October, the fifth “Seniors' Month” on the theme of “Carry on Chinese Virtues, Carry forward the Culture of Respecting the Aged” initiated by China National Committee On Ageing (CNCA) is carried out in full swing, and the harmonious ethos of loving and respecting the aged is spreading across China. Industrial Bank (IB), which plays a leading role in the domestic pension finance, is designated by the CNCA as the only supporting sponsor.

The CNCA has organized the annual program of “Seniors’ Month” since 2010 with a view to increasing the aging awareness and the awareness of respecting the aged of the whole society and doing something beneficial to the aged. With the accelerated aging process in China, the development of pension finance becomes a top priority in the future aging economy but also one of the main directions for China to develop the finance industry. It is pressing to solve problems like the awareness of pension finance, lack of pension finance products, and lagging development in the pension finance market. In this context, the CNCA designated IB as the only supporting sponsor of the program of “Seniors’ Month”, which has provided all-course support for various services for the aged, in particular the pension finance services, during the month.

Since the official launch of “Seniors’ Month” in early October, the branches and sub-branches of IB around China have worked together with the local CNCA offices to organize a range of diversified and distinctive theme activities in succession, including lecture on knowledge against financial fraud, lecture on wealth management for the aged, and square dance contest, lecture on health and fitness, clinics of famous doctors, painting and calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, go contest, and legal lecture, etc. These activities gave more meaning to the activities of loving and respecting the aged, pushing the program to peaks one after another.

Having such good knowledge of the needs of the aged and carrying out pertinent and diversified activities cannot be done without the “Enjoyable Life” clubs of IB across China. It is learnt that “Enjoyable Life” is an integrated financial service solution specifically designed for the aged that has been released by IB since 2012. Taking it as the starting point to serve the senior citizens, the program targets at serving the aged customers and designs corresponding value-added services according to their needs in terms of health, insurance, law, and wealth management, based on the focus of characteristic products of fixed deposit. IB bends itself to building the program the top brand of pension finance in China.

In terms of financial services, IB “Enjoyable Life” has elaborately customized a range of exclusive wealth management products, which takes into consideration both liquidity and security, for the aged customers and “credit loan” meeting the temporary and large-sum financing needs of the senior citizens. In addition, it also provides the aged customers with many convenient financial services such as green channel, emergency payment, easy payment and safe payment.

In terms of value-added rights and benefits, IB “Enjoyable Life” focuses on the psychological happiness and health needs of the senior citizens, and, centering on the six appeals, “Enjoyment of the Elderly”, “Contribution of the Elderly”, “Medical Care for the Elderly”, “Insurance for the Elderly”, “Care for the Elderly” and “Care for the Elderly”, provides the aged customer with a range of value-added services ranging from insurance, law and medical care to leisure, amusement, vacation and regimen through cooperation with famous insurance, legal consulting, old-age care and leisure institutions in China. For instance, the senior citizens can enjoy special services in the “Enjoyable Life” club including VIP medical value-added service (including chaperone service in the whole course of medical treatment, registration and appointment with expert, and arrangement of hospitalization and surgical operation), property insurance, personal accident insurance, legal consulting, lawyer consulting, and high-end non-local leisure and old-age care service.

In terms of channel guarantee, IB has, based on community banking, promoted the integrated financial service solution of “Enjoyable Life” in an all-round manner, taking it as an important part to the community-based integrated financial services. IB took the lead to launch the building of community banking among all the domestic joint-stock banks and now, the bank has opened nearly 1,000 community sub-branches. Taking the aged as the most important service targets of community banking, IB commits itself to combining the integrated financial service solution of “Enjoyable Life” with the resource of community banking outlets in an effective manner, offering financial products and exclusive services suitable for the aged customers to all families in the way of “inclusive finance”.

Relying on all-sided care of pension finance, the “Enjoyable Life”, IB's exclusive financial solution for the senior citizens, won great popularity among the aged customers around China upon its launch. The “Enjoyable Life” club consisting of aged customers has kept extending its scale. Now, the club has more than 250,000 members. Depending on the platform, IB has kept extending the services for the senior citizens and enriching the connotation of old-age service, and opened a new chapter for financial services for the aged. Just for the market sensitivity and active exploration of IB in the field of financial service for the senior citizens, the CNCA chose the bank as the only supporting sponsor of this “Seniors’ Month”.

After the State Council issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Old-age Care Services”, the relevant person-in-charge of IB Retail Banking Headquarters indicated, the government department at all levels and all social circles paid more attention to old-age care service and activities of respecting and loving the aged. With fast development in recent years, the retail business of IB has possessed rich product families and the capability of offering differentiated services. Facing the “blue sea” of pension finance, IB will continue perform its responsibility actively and build the social platform for respecting and loving the senior citizens collaboratively with other organizations so as to provide the aged customers with more diversified and high-quality financial services. It also hopes that “Enjoyable Life” can become a companion for more seniors in their happy life.