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Industrial Bank Launched Remote Banking, Upgrading its Service Channel Again

Recently, Industrial Bank (IB) completed its overall upgrading telephone banking 95561 and launched the “remote banking” service platform by combining the original services, offering all-round financial services to customers based on the self-service voice and operator services of telephone banking 95561.

According to the introduction of relevant official of IB, the remote banking of the bank is a new banking service model, which centers on the core channel of telephone, mainly offers operator-based remote services, and focuses on non-cash services such as investment and wealth management, and asset management. It supports interaction of a variety of services, such as telephone, fax, short message, WeChat, email, microblog, video, and online customer service, thus meeting the need of customers to handle banking services anytime anywhere in the age of mobile internet.

In order to experience the wealth management service of the bank’s remote banking, the reporter called the hotline 95561. After checking the risk evaluation that the reporter had made at an outlet of the bank before, the wealth management operator made in-depth communication with the reporter with regard to investment preference, liquidity need, expectation of return and risk tolerance, and then recommended a wealth management product to the reporter. After selecting the wealth management product, upon the prompt of the wealth management operator, the reporter confirmed the transaction information, entered the withdrawal password, and purchased the product successfully. The whole process is very convenient and fast.

As further learnt by the reporter from IB, all wealth management operators on the other end of the telephone have passed the certification of wealth management competence and have professional qualification, and they can provide a range of services including investment consulting, sale of wealth management products, and “private customization” of asset management. For instance, they can analyze the investment preference of customers and provide individualized asset allocation advice based on their previous consumption transactions. Meanwhile, IB also reminds, in particular, customers that they need to go through risk evaluation in advance before purchasing a wealth management product from the bank. The initial risk evaluation must be conducted over the counter of an IB outlet, and then they can directly dial the service hotline 95561 of remote banking for operation. After the expiry of the valid period of the risk evaluation (1 year), a customer may conduct reevaluation via electronic channels, including telephone, internet banking or mobile, rather than via the counter as a must.

Of course, remote banking does not merely cover the above services. Customers can also handle services such as account inquiry, transfer, credit card, asset management and transaction of various financial products including fund, public debt, and precious metal, etc. It is noteworthy that, compared with the former telephone banking, the operator services of remote banking increase eight functions: automatic installment management of credit card, modification of inquiry password and withdrawal password of debit card, fund conversion, modification of distribution method for returns on fund, trading of wealth management product, real-time inter-bank transfer, inquiry of repayment plan for person loans, and inquiry and modification of personal loan information. The VIP customers of IB can also enjoy value-added services about travel and life through the remote banking, including airport VIP reception, golf, health and medical care, self-drive, and car renting.

Considering the characteristics of telephone operation, the bank also conducted system upgrading and flow restructuring for the backstage support system of remote banking, and simplified the business flow for common businesses such as inquiry, transfer, wealth management, and credit card, thus making the experience of interactive services simpler and more efficient.

“In the future, our bank will further push forward the innovation in remote banking, enrich the service contents, and operate it in the O2O (Online to Offline) idea. Meanwhile, by equipping visulizable VTM (Virtual Teller Machine) devices at our outlets, we can further facilitate customers to handle businesses through face-to-face video interaction between remote banking operators and customers", indicated the person-in-charge of IB Electronic Banking Department.