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-- Industrial Financial Leasing Supports the Promotion of Clean Energy Powered Bus in China in Collaboration with Asian Development Bank

On November 12, 2014, Industrial Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “Industrial Financial Leasing”) formally received the loan totaling RMB 614 million (equivalent to USD 100 million) from Asian Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as “ADB”). It is said that this loan cooperation is the first time that ADB supports the promotion of clean energy powered bus by way of extending special RMB loan to a domestic financial leasing company. It is also a pioneering effort of Industrial Financial Leasing to make contribution to the control of airpocalypse and decontamination of environment in collaboration with international policy-based financial institutions, with a view to following the national cause of developing ecological civilization closely.

With the advancement of national strategic deployment, the development of ecological civilization, as an important part to the structure of Chinese civilization, has stepped into the new phase of deepening the reform in system, regime and legislation. Financial institutions are an important pivot for the distribution of resources, and it becomes a duty-bound social responsibility for them to guide and actuate capital to support the development in green, recycling and low-carbon areas with market-oriented methods. Taking the development strategy of IB to “build Beautiful China jointly with green finance”, Industrial Financial Leasing has kept innovating in green financial products and lent sustained support to the building of ecological civilization.

Now air pollution has become the most prominent environmental problem, and motor vehicles have become a leading pollution source for air pollution in big cities. In confrontation with the increasing pressure of resource and environment, it is an unavoidable direction to develop clean energy powered automobiles. In the current stage, however, the expensive substitution cost is an important factor restricting popularization and promotion of new energy powered automobiles, in particular new energy powered buses. Against such a background, ADB joined hands with Industrial Financial Leasing to bend themselves to create a brand-new green financial leasing model, with which the financing and leasing services characterized by low cost, large scale, long term and flexible business modes can be offered to public transport operators, so as to alleviate the concentrated pressure of payment in purchase buses in the early period and support the promotion of clean energy powered buses in batches.

This loan cooperation is an innovative trial of both parties to achieve the above goals. The advantages of both parties have been taken into full consideration in the design of cooperation model: As the fund provider, ADB, making full use of its advantage of good international credit rating, raised RMB funds at low cost by issuing special bonds in the Hong Kong market; as the provider of leasing services, Industrial Financial Leasing, bringing into full play its advantages of localized and group-based operation, provides professional services for subsequent project selection and evaluation, and management in the existing period relying on its experience in operating green leasing projects. Achieving a win-win situation for all parties involved, the model is of good demonstration and reference significance.

Based on the cooperation, Industrial Financial Leasing goes all out to create a special financing and leasing product for the lease of clean energy powered buses. It is reported that Jinan Public Transport Company, Urumchi Public Transport Company and Suzhou Wuzhong Public Transport Company will become the first group of customers of the special financing and leasing product. In the future, Industrial Financial Leasing will, relying on the group advantages of IB, promote the business vigorously across China. It plans to register more than RMB 5 billion in the lease financing of clean energy powered buses in the coming three years, so as to practice social responsibility for a clean environment and push the fulfillment of China’s Dream – harmonious development of human being and nature.