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The First Swarovski® Crystal Credit Card of Industrial Bank, 10,000 Pieces in Total to be Issued in the World

Who will become owners of the first domestic crystal credit card with Swarovski elements?

On November 22, 2014, Industrial Bank (IB) released the only domestic crystal credit card with Swarovski elements of Austria with a limited number around the world. With 50 Swarovski crystals embedded on the cover, only 10,000 pieces of the first version will be issued in the year.

Supreme Beauty Created with the Technology of Austria

As a high-end credit card with a limit of 10,000 pieces, IB Crystal Credit Card is not only an IC credit card meeting PBOC2.0 industrial standard, but also one pursuing dazzling beauty in the cover pattern, so the card-making process is of superior quality.


As leant by the reporter, the card cover is less than 1mm in thickness and employs the color of “dark gold”, which indicates nobility and profoundness. With an elegant and lively butterfly on the cover, whose wings are decorated with 50 dazzling Swarovski crystals, the card must be of great appeal to fashionable personnel who cherish themselves, uphold preeminence and have distinctive tastes.

According to the introduction of relevant officer of the Credit Card Center of IB, the design concept to embed 50 Swarovski crystals onto the cover of IB credit card indicates the fusion of superior product culture of Swarovski and the bank’s brand concept of credit card. Resplendent crystals not only showcase the distinguished tastes of cardholders, but also represent that IB Credit Card is always willing to help customers create a perfect and shining life with professional and considerate services.

“This year’s version will only be issued 10,000 pieces, and a new version will be launched as the case may be”, indicated the officer mentioned above.

Individualized Benefits Bringing Warmth to Cardholders

After more than one year’s gestation and preparation for card issuance, IB also provides cardholders with a variety of individualized benefits besides the dazzling appearance.

It is introduced that the IB Crystal Credit Card released this time is a standard UnionPay IC credit card of gold card level, with a validity of 10 years. By December 31, 2015, cardholders can register for the Swarovski membership by making any consumption at the designated chain store of Swarovski with the card, and enjoy relevant benefits such as membership points and returns within the validity.

The first group of customers applying for the card may also enjoy dual gifts for card verification and swiping: As long as a customer applying for the card, he or she can directly receive a product coupon of Swarovski worth RMB 100, and make consumption based on direct offsetting at the franchised store of Swarovski. The annual fees for the next year will be exempted if the cardholder swipes the card or withdraws cash, no requirement for value, 5 times within a year after the card verification. Furthermore, by March 31, 2015, if any customer successfully applies for the principal credit card of IB and his or her first principal card is the gold IB Crystal Credit Card (IC card), the cardholder can receive a crystal necklace with Swarovski elements after making 3 given transactions, each of which reaches the value of RMB 228, within 60 days upon the card verification.  

In consideration of the business travel needs of cardholders, two other benefits are also established for the card: aviation accident insurance worth RMB 2 million and special preferential treatment of “TopOne Car Rental”.