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Industrial Bank Offered a Special Gift to the Safety Education of Children

-- Nationwide Tour of Zheng Yuanjie Music Drama on the Theme of Children's Safety

On March 28, two days before the upcoming National Day of Safety Education of Students of Primary and Middle Schools, Pipilu Sending You 100 Lives, the first music drama on the theme of caring the safety of children in China, which is adapted from the work of Zheng Yuanjie, King of Fairy Tales, sharing the same name and produced by Hangzhou Star Works Cultural Creative Co., Ltd., held the news release conference for its 2015 China Tour in Beijing. The first show will be staged at Beijing Poly Theater on April 7.

There are 320 million children below 14 years old in China. As revealed by relevant research, accidental injury has taken the place of malnutrition and contagious diseases, becoming the major threat endangering the life safety of children in China. The importance of children’s safety education is indubitable. A few Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) members proposed to cover the children’s safety education into the nine-year compulsory education curricula on the National People's Congress (NPC) and the CPPCC in this year. All social circles attach increasing importance to the issue of children’s safety.

Industrial Bank (IB) Private Banking, the supporter of the nationwide tour of the drama, indicates that children are the future of the Chinese nation, and IB, as a “responsible bank”, are willing to take actions for the healthy and sturdy growth of children. The upcoming 100 shows in 50 large and middle cities around China are a special gift that the bank presents to children.

Pipilu Sending You 100 Lives, originally a reading book on education of life safety written by Zheng Yuanjie for his son Zheng Yaqi, covers 100 methods to prevent risks in daily life such as not treading on well covers and watching out for cars. It topped the list of best-selling children’s books on the dangdang.com upon publishing. The music drama adapted from the book tells the stories that a little kid heads off dangers with the safety knowledge that he has learnt in his daily life. It covers five main areas, including health and safety of children’s diet, campus safety and family safety, and with audio-visual effect full of innocence and sci-fi features, it makes learning a process full of fun.

Zheng Yuanjie places high hopes on this music drama for children, “I hope that parents and kids of the younger generation can, after watching this stage drama, realize the importance of children’s safety and learn some essentials on children’s safety. Meanwhile, they can apply the knowledge acquired from the stage in the daily life, evade dangers actively and protect the safety of children.”

When attending the release conference, General Manager Xue Ruifeng of IB Private Banking Department also said that, in imbursing the 2015 China Tour of Pipilu Sending You 100 Lives, the bank also hoped more children to benefit from the drama and grow up safely.

According to GM Xue, IB Private Banking will also hold 9 lectures on children’s safety and invite Zheng Yuanjie as the main speaker. By organizing customers and their kids to watch the drama, the bank hopes to popularize the knowledge on protecting children’s safety and impress social positive energy for caring the next generation.

As a matter of fact, IB Private Banking established the “Elite Growth Club” for meeting the needs of customers to cultivate their children two years ago. The club has organized a number of parent-kid activities including the Travel to North Pole and Alxa Public Benefit Travel for Control of Sand Wind. While increasing the wealth value and passing on the wealth for private banking customers, the bank has also paid active attention to the family education of customers, including cultivating the children’s intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and financial quotient and guiding their awareness of responsibility and environmental protection.

Over four years after its establishment, IB Private Banking has attracted more than 18,000 customers, with an asset scale approaching RMB 200 billion. The bank indicates that it will continue building the “Elite Growth Club” into a characteristic platform for value added services of private banking to cultivate and care the next generation.