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Industrial Bank Launched the “Service Booking Platform”. Do You Want to Make the Booking?

It usually requires waiting in line and filling in various forms on the site when one handles banking service over the counter. However, this phenomenon is changing quietly. Recently, the 7*24 OTO “Service Booking Platform” of Industrial Bank (IB) was put into operation. With the platform, customers can fill in forms and make prior service booking via the online channels including computer, IPAD and mobile phone, and when they come to outlets of the bank, the counter teller will handle relevant services for them quickly according to the booking records. In this way, the service efficiency is improved significantly.

“It saves a lot of troubles, and I finish the procedure more quickly!” Ms Chen, who lives in Xicheng District of Beijing, wanted to open an IB debit card, and recently she learnt on the official website that IB launched the “Service Booking Platform”. Then, she tried it out of curiosity, but unexpectedly, it only took her 5 minutes to go through all formalities over the bank counter after she made online booking.

The service applied by Ms Chen is “opening a new debit card and activating a number of common functions”. The online booking application process is very simple: enter the booking interface by pressing the key “Service Booking Platform” on the right side of the homepage of IB website, and make direct booking without registration. As she has left her personal information, including name, ID card number, and mobile phone number, to an outlet of IB, such information appeared automatically upon booking, and she only needed to make confirmation rather than key in it again. The common service functions were all listed out in the form of options, so she only needed to tick and activate them through booking. After making a successful booking, Ms Chen went to the outlet of the bank and got all the applied services done by signing her name for confirmation.

It is said that the “Service Booking Platform” launched now is Phase 1, which provides the following booking services: debit card application, first evaluation of wealth management risks, signing an agreement on electronic banking, modification of personal information, and card renewal. Specifically, debit card application and first evaluation of wealth management risks support booking of other bank consumers without IB debit card.

The “Service Booking Platform” is an active exploration of IB in introducing “OTO model” in the service area. Following the “Direct Bank” launched in 2014, which is now in high popularity, the bank focuses its attention on the “O2O model” that combines both online and offline channels, with a view to boosting service upgrading by dint of internet technology, building a comprehensive service system that combines online electronic channels and offline outlet channels, and providing more diversified banking service accesses and more convenient service experience to customers.  

“In the future, we will, based on the needs of customers, offer richer online and offline interactive services on the service booking platform and improve the customer experience constantly,” said Yang Zhong, General Manager of the Electronic Banking Department of IB.

In order to keep improving the service function of the “Service Booking Platform”, IB indicates that it sincerely welcomes customers to give opinions and suggestions on the platform through the “Listening to Your Voice – 2015 Award-based Activity for Customer Experience and Advice on Electronic Banking”.