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Industrial Bank Won the “Best Financial Brand Innovation Prize”

Recently, the appraisal result of “China Financial Innovation Prize 2015”, jointly held by the magazine of The Chinese Banker and the Center for Financial Products under the Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was announced in Beijing. Industrial Bank (IB) won the “Best Financial Brand Innovation Prize” with its differentiated brand strategy, distinctive brand features and stably growing brand value.

In recent years, adhering to the differentiated strategy in brand building and proceeding from the philosophy of sustainable development and its own business features, IB has reinforced its differentiated brand image, amplified its market influence and elevated its brand reputation as a leader of green finance via three-dimensional promotion including press coverage, media publicity and event marketing by taking the brand concepts of “Growing Together with Sincere Service” and “Creating a Happy Life Jointly with Green Finance” as the guiding ideas and press publicity and brand promotion as the main measures, and integrating conventional media and emerging media channels. It has made its presence in the list of “China Green Companies Top 100” for five consecutive years and been honored the “Carbon-value Social Citizen Award” by the World Economic and Environmental Conference, winning a great number of honors in succession such as the champion of “2009 Asian Sustainable Bank”, the “Best Green Bank Award” and the “Best Green Finance Award”. “Green finance” has become an eye-catching business card of the bank.  

Meanwhile, considering its business development strategy, the bank has stressed on its brand building in areas of core advantageous businesses and strategic emerging businesses, gradually formed its business brand range in the three business lines, i.e. corporate finance, retail banking, and financial market, and some business sub-brands have set their own banners. As the first Equator bank in China, IB boasts the leading business brand of green finance second to none. In addition, its brand prestige and market influence also see further improvement in businesses such as bank-bank platform, precious metal agency trading, assets custody, and investment banking. Its new internet finance brands including “Money Manager”, “Industrial Treasure”, and Direct Bank are very popular now, and its business brands in consumer finance, such as “Enjoyable Life” old-age financial service and “Universal Life” go-abroad financial service, financial services to small- and mini-sized enterprises, and other areas are making a figure in the market.

According to the ranking of “Top 500 Banking Brands 2015” by the British magazine, The Banker, the brand value of IB hit USD 4.546 billion, up by USD 1.2 billion over the previous year, and moved up 9 positions to No. 55 in the list. According to the “2015 China’s Best Brand Value List” newly released by Interbrand, the leading brand consulting institution in the world, the bank ranked No. 20 with its brand value of RMB 12.689 billion.

In recent years, the bank has, on the basis of integrated and group-based development, actively explored the building of group brand, focused on creating the image brand of IB as a group, and demonstrated the group-based and integrated business strength and the multi-market and multi-financial license feature. Meanwhile, it has pushed all subsidiaries, under the leadership of the group brand, to establish and improve their brand systems fitting for their respective market positioning, business scope and business features, so as to create influential sub-brands. The brands of subsidiaries such as Industrial Trust, Industrial Financial Leasing and Industrial Fund boast prominent influence in relevant business areas.